Thursday, July 24, 2014

DAY 7: Big Boy, Me+Rain, New Wants

     Always start a post with yummy food. Doesn't that look so unhealthily good?   Ugh. Buffalo chicken and fries. I really miss putting hot sauce on everything. I love everything spicy what can I say?  Got this at Big Boy, a Midwest chain for really good typical American cravings.  Saw it on the Travel Channel a while ago!

     Went for a walk in the rain and it was barely humid, so I really enjoyed it. Used my sale H&M umbrella. How else would you enjoy the rain?  

     I was reading a Teen Vogue and I was surprised at the amazing styling in the Elle Fanning issue!  I found this gorgeous top (sports bra?) by Nasir Hasbar I believe. I think I may invest in something like this. Because I love it so much.  I totally spend more in weird small purchases.  It's different. 

Hopefully going to find some great shopping today!

Are your "investment pieces" kind of random or classic basics? 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DAY 6: Staple finds!

     Yesterday was pure dry heat.  It really made me miss home. :,(  But I visited a Macy's (as expected) and found some great things in the shoe aisle. Specifically clearance. 

      I am normally not a Guess fan. Like I don't ever find things that fit me - for the best price usually - even at the outlet mall!  But this time I did find these perfect black cutout boots.  The distressed leather is casual and at a great height. 

     I also found these gator skin style black sneakers.  You've seen plenty of these shoes all over the web.  But they really are a great staple. just to slip on and go with any outfit?  I need. 

Both shoes were about $20 each. 

Going on an adventure today!  What are some staples you have bought recently?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DAY 5: Nothing to buy but the sky was beautiful.

      There was nothing to buy!  I scoured the H&M.  Nothing.  Even at extra 50% off!  Ah well.  Onto the next store.  But people actually go to Dairy Queen here. So I'm taking advantage of that.  Turtle Sundae. �� 

     Outside the sky was gorgeous though. So wide and open. Don't see that often where I'm from. I must admit that I do miss the beach.  Only a little. I miss friends and the beach.  Sigh.  Didn't do much yesterday! 

No question today.  Just thanks for being my friends and I love you <3

Monday, July 21, 2014

DAY 4: Newport, Tom+Chee, Channing Tatum

     But I love Jonah Hill just as much. Yes, yesterday I finally saw 22 Jump Street. Pretty much the best comedy movie series out there.  

     Yesterday I visited Newport which has a big plaza with tons of things to do, not just shop. But of course I picked up some things haha. Just some comfy shorts, nothing special!  They have a Tom+Chee which is a well known grilled cheese and tomato soup spot. So good! I had a BLT+Chee.  Fave. 

     The atmosphere was gorgeous. After the clouds moved I sat in the sun for the first time the whole trip. I miss the sun!  It follows the common brick theme of Kentucky. It's really landscaped and quaint and pretty.  But my favorite part is the bridges here. So big and complex and the water stretches so far. Nice to just reflect over.  Really enjoyed it. 

Have you seen the Jump Street franchise?  Also, what's your favorite place to chill in?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

DAY 3: Off to the Races, Bacardi Chases, Casino Oasis

    Hello there!  Thanks or visiting my lol series. Yesterday we went to the Belterra Park race track.  It was surprisingly fun. People get so riled up over it. Very surprising. But I'm weird because I only really get crazy at tennis matches. TENIS MATCHES.  Ah well. 

     The drive there was beautiful. In Florida, it's flat. But here you cut through gorgeous green valleys and hills and elaborate bridges. Sometimes you get so high up it reminds me of the valleys of LA but instead of city it's more scenery.  It's nice to travel someplace different from your home. 

     Food is important. I should make that my blog tagline. But I had yummy oatmeal and the best chips. I am a potato chip fanatic and when they taste homemade UGHAHUICQHBDJFMSM. So good.

     It was a great place to see the local culture of Northern Kentucky. What they care about. From my observations it was family, generation, drinking and horses.  Nice to see more of the south!

What are your views on animal racing and such?  I know nothing about it: ethics and how it works.  Went for culture! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

DAY 2: How cute are these beauty products. KY you've redeemed yourself!

     What a rainy couple of days!  To me, it's freezing but that's because I'm from down south. Gosh it's freezing. But I still insist on dressing like I'm in the tropics. It's horrible. 

     But a successful visit to TJMaxx made up for my horrible flight yesterday!  My store back home isn't as well stocked as this one. I picked up some H2O apricot scrub and the LOOFAH Peaches and Passion scrub.  Both smell and feel so yummy. I adore natural scrubs esp in these two flavors. So win. 

     I always add on things I don't need. So I bought there Absolute lip balms!  The packaging is totally giftable and I think I just love the saying "You're the BALM."  Get it.  I did. 

A recent twitter chat was all about beauty products!  So I'd love to know what you've recently bought.  I need ideas :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Travel series begins! Journey to KY.

     Morning everyone!  This is the first post of my FIRST travel series.  Exciting!  For the next 10 days I'll be in Kentucky, staycationing it in a different state.  I thought instead of gathering guest posts (I procrastinated okay) I'd share what I'm seeing! :)

     I love airports. I am like an expert of going through security. Like no stress. I had a big cookie and watched standup and love it.  That's where things kind fell apart yesterday.  I sat next to a woman who was sick and I have to say it (she reeked) and I got super sick.  Like when driving around I got really ill in my stomach :(( Not fun at all. 

     But what WAS fun was when we went to the mall soon after. I pushed through because my strength was being called on. H&M extra 50% off clearance. I was still a little weak so I didn't get too much. Picked up some cheeky shirts and accessories that I can't wait to show you!  I don't have my camera so I'll post a haul today or a trip hall next week!  

     I'm liking it so far. I'm hoping to get some more hill shots because they're gorgeous.  Hoping to post maybe everyday or more than once a day!  Stay tuned for more updates!  

Have you ever been to KY or anywhere in the South?  What do you want to see me do while here? :)