Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Devote to Done.

In everything you do.
I know this can apply to careers and art and all that fun stuff.
But what about the little struggles in life?

Currently I'm fighting grades, hopeless nostalgia, fear and contentment.  Real easy to let go of and give up on.  But really that's every young person!  As time passes, the unknown is to be revealed.  That future you dreamed of every night before bed either will come or not.  I think that's what scares me.  It's overwhelming when you look at it from a bird's eye view.

They always say that hard work pays off.  I've even seen Nicki Minaj say it.  It's just hard to believe that it works from the amazing success of people.  Zoella, SincerelyJules, Bip Ling.  It's easy to assume that it happens overnight.

But maybe.  JUST MAYBE.  Maybe it takes hard work.  And hard work is done day-to-day.  So even the little struggles should be given hard work, I'm realizing.  Maybe little struggles lead to big accomplishments.  No harm in trying.  I'm going to begin to devote myself to getting things done so that my future goals will be even closer.  I think you should to!

So I encourage you to look at the pep talk above, especially if you're having a bad week. :)
I love the phrase she uses, "Decide to be one of those people who pull it off."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Katy Perry Eylure Party Lashes - Backstage

I don't wear lashes.  I think I've worn them once. for selfies.  I was honestly scared of them.
But since Eylure teamed up with Katy Perry, I've been an avid collector.

I recently came upon these Backstage eyelashes.  They have studs on the lash line and carry pretty full lashes.  They're absolutely ridiculous, but not much as they're unwearable.  I love these!  The studs don't have that great of an effect, but in a good way.  It just adds some more detail and doesn't look gawdy at all.
They come with adhesive which is awesome too.

And I also love them because they make me feel like Priscilla. <3

So overall 10/10.  I'm definitely going to keep a lookout for more!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Haul: ALDO + Dillards

Long Necklace + Gold Collar - ALDO // Heels - Dillards
Got some sparkly things yesterday.
At ALDO, the sale jewelry was 2 for 1.  So the two necklaces came out to be about $17.  They're really great quality too!

The shoes are for prom.  They're extremely cheesy and I love them.  I knew I wanted nude heels because they'd fit the color no matter what. :)

Hope you had a lovely week!  If you didn't, look forward to next week.  I feel good vibes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busting The Illusion of Mediocrity

I'm currently watching the table read of the finale of The Office.  I wanted to see how the actors reacted to the end of an era.  If you didn't watch The Office, well doesn't matter (you're missing out watch it on netflix) this is all you need to know right now.
Some of the last words.  Pam says, "You can find truth and beauty in the most ordinary settings.  Isn't that kind of the point?"
I've noticed that youth culture (including myself) has a fear of mediocrity.  But what is the meaning of that?  I've seen people define it as driving to your job in a car you haven't fully paid for.  Is that really the definition?

I think the fear is definitely hindering growth.  Many are choosing a definition that is supposed to motivate which in turn does not maximize one's happiness.  The assumption of mediocrity implies that "happiness" can only be achieved through silver skylines and crystalized coin purses.

HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO ME:  You and I are constantly pressured by the fear of not living a beautiful life.  Whether it be blogging or schooling or sports.  Whatever.  A good pressure, but it rushes our art and strains the mind.  
SOLUTION:  You should always remember that, as Pam said, beauty can be found in the most ordinary settings.  Most importantly, truth is found in the ordinary.  If you choose to see this way, our lives will always be beautiful looking back - no matter the struggle.  So don't stress.

Isn't that the point?
I enjoyed writing this. I feel that it's lifting a weight and I hope it does as well for you. :)

insta/twit: @doitfortheirony

Monday, April 14, 2014

90 degree heat + where you need to be

Because everything happens for a reason.
If you rolled a piece of dice, there would be 6 worlds.  The # rolled is the world chosen and maybe it's chosen for a reason.

I always google the weather before school because I need to know whether to wear shorts or leggings.  (ah school clothes)  Today it read that it would reach 90 degrees.  And it did!  I was so happy.
It's (as far as I know) the first time of the year that it hit the 90s.  Which means it's summer!  Yes I understand it is in the middle of spring, seeing as it isn't even Easter yet.
I don't know, the heat just brought this tiny joy to me.

Maybe the heat came so early for a reason.
Maybe not.  I don't know.  You wouldn't think I like the sun because of my paleness.  I like it because it's like your skin is toasting and it's wonderful.  I may not be tanning but I feel it just as fine.

Speaking of summer, the lyric video for Birthday by Katy Perry came out!  I love it so much.  It's so fun and happy and lovely.  I love Katy Perry. 

I know it's still cold in some areas?  Is it?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hits & Misses at COACHELLA 2014

Oh body of Kendall Jenner, please make your legs stop.  So for festivals shouldn't one incorporate practicality into it?  Because the music comes first?  I feel like the black lace overcoat is awesome, just not for a HOT festival.  The co-ord is on point though, lots of people are taking advantage of those nowadays.
And I'm sorry cowboy boots aren't my favorite.  Brown leather is a yes but there are other styles.  But I love the freshness of the clothing. :)

I have to weigh in on Katy Perry's new hair, which she showed off during the hyped-up music festival.  Some have described it as when you go to the pool a lot during the summer.  Chlorine green.  But I personally love it.  As Perry is an exaggerated version of pop, her hair is an exaggerated trip in the pool.  Doesn't that scream summer?  I love it.

And ok Julianne Hough I don't have time for you.  How would you wear that while enjoying a concert, go be seen elsewhere.  The outfit is fine whatever.  Again, not practical.  But the shoes?  it's like "I'M ONLY HERE BECAUSE COACHELLA IS COOL NOW AND BCUZ RYAN SEACREST IS HERE"

Part 2 soon. :)

Who do you think wins the fashion war @ Coachella?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coachella dreams & Regular ones, as well

Like any other youth in the world.

When I settle into the world - fluttering and chaotically - I will live.  The over rational in me tells me to save every penny I have but I have a vision that true frugality will waste time.  I will be rational but have guts.
& always keep Naomi Campbell and Sofia Amoruso in mind.