Friday, October 31, 2014

How To Battle Ads That Objectify Women

Well, in my opinion.

< I want to mention that I am a feminist + that an important thing to keep in mind is that we are all in this together.  Collaborate, don't fight. :) >

       So last week, I put up my post "LOTD: Can I Work For American Apparel!?  Please?" and Amber Love - who I have talked to on twitter before and immediately visited her blog because we were on the same wavelength - commented, replying to my love for American Apparel. 

       She says, "however American Apparel really objectify women in their adverts and show them wearing nothing but one item of clothing, when it's a unisex item, they then show the man wearing it as part of a normal ensemble! So clearly something is not right here. They might be trying to "shock" people but tbh there's nothing shocking about a woman wearing long socks and a shirt and nothing else. I wear it around the house every day. AA is NOT risque it objectifies women and how will we ever be treated like equals when there are brands that do this and people who support them?"

       Thanks for your comment Amber!  You've opened up a conversation that everyone should be aware of and comfortable talking about.  You made some great points.  Some I agree with and some that I'd like to clarify.  I currently study the Sociology of Pop Culture so it gives me a chance to share some of the interesting things I've learned!

       So I only partly agree with you.  Some history about American Apparel.  The man - yes a man - who created American Apparel and, more importantly, the look/vibe of their ads was Dov Charney.  He was fired.  Now Brian Sozzi is in charge.  He says, "All the scandalous ads, they're very much reflective of that founder's vision," said Sozzi, "Which was great when the company launched, because there wasn't anything in the market like that. But now people have had enough." It seems as if change is on the rise and I have noticed big changes in recent ad campaigns.  Yup, I'm a little bit obsessed.  I go through the galleries.

       The part that I agree with.  Yes, they have objectified women and you probably see it in today's ads!  The thing is, in modern times, ALMOST ALL companies do it.  That is the issue. But you see, I don't think that it is entirely the fault of the brand, in some cases.  The fault is seen in the fact that it is currently the nature of advertising.  Does that make it right?  Absolutely not.  I'm against it.  But the objectification of women in advertising is something so deeply rooted that advertising agencies do it because that was what they learned.  Going by the books of their predecessors.  Not just one brand.  But all.  Even in brands that aren't fashion.

       Tweet: The objectification of women in ads is so deeply rooted that we see the smallest details as normal.  It is not just seeing a woman in a sexy pose.  It is subconscious.

Some fun advertising tricks that objectify women so we accept it subconsciously...
  • Women are often shown barely touching the objects they offer.  Perfume bottles.  Brushing cars with their fingertips.  Men hold things firmly.
  • Women's bodies are always zoomed in on in a page ad.  Looking like their body parts are cut up.  Men's faces are almost always shown.
       And it all affects us.  Even if we don't think about it.  Advertisement is not made for you to say, "Oh!  Well look at that.  I want that!"  Well maybe 10% of it is.  But the rest of it is used to make you think of these things subconsciously.


        Let's be real.  We're changing a big thing - the entire beast of advertisement.  So this will take time.  But each little thing matters.  And you're probably already doing some things to change it!  Here's my opinion on what WILL WORK and what WILL MAKE IT STAY.

Change from the inside out.
  • Creating content that supports our movement.  The ad giants created this content and it caught on.  We can do the same.  In a way, they're dying with so many bloggers, artists and writers creating non-objectifying content.  But we need to make more!
  • Working together.  Not fighting.  Growing up female meant growing up in a competitive atmosphere between us.  Competition of beauty, clothing, partners, etc.  Relinquishing that weight will not only free oneself from that burden but help us all succeed together.
  • Social media.  It is so powerful.  In the words of Billy Eichner, twitter is a force.  Yes bitch.  Look at the NFL.  They actually care about domestic violence now!  Thanks to twitter!  It's a bit sad that that is what it took but it worked.  Use hashtags.  Participate in movements.  Call out companies for change.  It all helps.
  • Finally and most importantly, growth and filling those roles.  I'm talking to you, content creators.  Replacing the roles of the advertising giants.  Taking those jobs!  I think that is the best way to make change.  Don't think it's possible?  Look at what happened to Dov Charney.  Our time will come soon.  
       So Amber, thank you for inspiring me for this post!  I support American Apparel because I like their clothing, their support for biracial people and I think they're a canvas to paint on.  I think that their objectification can and is changing and will continue to change with people creating. That's why I said I want to work for them.  I want to create to help! < and if my tone isn't clear, I'm not fighting with you at all haha only helping awareness! >

This post isn't me just talking at you.
TALK BACK!  I'd love to know your thoughts/retorts.  Please share this post!

What are your views on the ad world?  Did you learn anything from this post?  What do you think we can do to change it?
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4 Things I've Learned From Printmaking

I'm in a relief printmaking class.  My current project has been lovely and had definitely been a learning curve.  I'll show you the final one next week!

1.  Trying something new is important. - Okay so I'd love to say that I picked this class because of my ardent love for art and printmaking is my passion. But whoops that's not the case.  I was put in this class by a random counselor.  When I first entered the class, I was super intimidated.  I still am.  It's tough.  But I love it.  The project I'm currently working on is so beautiful to me and I think that I'll continue to make prints after the class ends.

2.  Sometimes you just have to go all in. - I totally struggle with this.  To get a really bold impression on a print, you really have to ink it up.  But with this is risk.  Going slow reduces the chance of mistakes but wastes a ton of valuable printing time.  So if you have a project you have to do.  You really have to just go for it.

3.  Layers are really beautiful. - I've found that my recent - best - print is gorgeous because it has about 7 layers of color.  The way light colors look and interact and clash with each other is amazing.  So same goes for you as a person.  Layers.  You can have a soft layer, an artistic one, a scary layer because of your past and maybe a bitch layer. And those sides that each person has makes life stupid and awesome.

4.  Know when to stop. - My professor always tells me this.  I don't know when to stop working on a project.  I'll keep working and adding onto it until it's a total mess.  I stopped on this project a little early.  I probably should have stopped earlier.  But stopping when you're at your high point is definitely a good choice sometimes.

What's another hobby you're super into right now?  Besides blogging if you're a blogger!
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Wishes #2 + ALERT

What a good way to start off the weekly blogging flow. :)

       I just got out of my calculus test.  I have good feelings about it.  Which means I failed.  I swear.  Ever since I was in little toddler's school.  If I thought I did well on a test, I did horribly.  Oh well.  THEN I DID HORRIBLE.  I was at a loss of what to post today despite many post ideas over the weekend.  I didn't feel the juices flowing but I'm feeling great about updating my Weekly Wishes #1!

Last Week's Goals
1.  Figure out calculus. -  I can't tell if I did this or not.  We'll see after I get my grade back.  If I did well then I'm for sure making a post on how to study for math.  Because I made up a thing.
2.  Blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. - I did it!  I was so busy last week.  But I'm so happy with last week's WW, LOTD and Outfits On The Go!
3.  Make some new makeup looks. - I did it yo.  You can see one of them in my American Apparel inspired Look Of The Day!

This Week's Personal Goals
1.  Figure out what classes I'm taking next semester. - Actually I need to do this by Wednesday. STRESS.
2.  Make some decorations. - I doubt I'm going to get to do this because I have a bunch of schoolwork that I need to get done.  But I bought a bunch of decorations I'm going to diy to actually decorate my room!  I have so many ideas and I can't wait to show you. 
3.  Make some damn social media icons for under my sidebar image.  - YE.  i need them i know.
4.   Spend more time in the Facebook community. - I'm actually starting to utilize my facebook page!  I appreciate any likes people.  I need a jumpstart haha.  I'm super late!

The Nectar Collective

ahem.  What are you working on this week?
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Outfits On The Go! Presentation Fear + American Apparel


        I swear the people in my class think I'm so lame.  I have small classes so everyone notices when people leave and such and such.  So I left to go to the bathroom and when I got back I threw up a peace sign as I entered the room to everyone that saw me. This guy in the back of the room asked me, "Did you just go like this? [makes sign]". And I said,"Yeah.  You gotta make an entrance."  I love life. 

       Well since college is trying to take over my life I realized that I'm always on the go with blogging. But does that diminish my outfits?  SuperNah.  Just forces us all to be more creative on non-lazy days.  Which explains my new thing - Outfits On The Go!  Basically outfits you can wear to school/work on the daily. Nothing too fancy but always something good.  Hopefully.  Almost ran into a van typing that.  

       Like I'm literally walking around while writing this.  Get it?  On the go.

       My first outfit of the week was a black rayon top with a plum pencil skirt.  Of course I wore my desert shoes.  They're my go-to's.  What can I say.  I wore this because I had a business presentation this day and it went alright.  I'm horrible at talking to a classroom but I love to talk.  WHAT IS THAT.  Both pieces are from H&M.

       My second favorite outfit of the week was the one from my American Apparel Vibes Beauty Look!  Love this.  I got the mom jeans - yes online they're called mom jeans - from Urban Outfitters.  They're so ridiculous and I feel me when I wear them.  The top is just from the Basics of Forever 21.  Shoes from Macy's. :) 

How do you feel about this new series?  I think it will help spread my style more! (Feedback encouraged) 
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

LOTD: Can I Work For American Apparel? Please?

american apparel makeup, model, street style, makeup, beauty, glasses, wire, beauty for real lip, NYC liquid makeup, pale, asian, college fashion beauty, blogger, American Apparel, natural brows
american apparel makeup, model, street style, makeup, beauty, glasses, wire, beauty for real lip, NYC liquid makeup, pale, asian, college fashion beauty, blogger, American Apparel, natural brows
Look of the day!  I like to make vibes with my looks.  Well when I try.

       My makeup yesterday was on point you guys.  I finally figured out how to do winged eyeliner!  All it took was an angled brush and some guts.  I did it.  I used a gold shadow from my new palette - the Lorac Skinny Palette.  It's amazing.  You need it.  It's cheap at only $15!  Considering how expensive the Pro palette was?  It's a steal.

       I'm using my NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup (reviewed) which is my fave for flawless skin.  Definitely a pick me up for the middle of the school week!  It's super light too, so a matte powder doesn't ruin it after. :)  On the cheeks I used a Laura Mercier highlight.  You could even use a white eyeshadow to get the over highlighted effect I love.

       For the lips I'm using my Beauty For Real lip cream in Always There.  It's amazing.  I've noticed that berry is a popular color this fall!  Lucky me :)  For eyebrows, I chose a light brown.  I used to use black but this one is much softer!  It's a good break from a harsh brow.

       My look was inspired by the simple but iconic vibe American Apparel always creates.  They're my dream brand to work for you guys.  So I embraced my features like AA does with each of their models.  Pale skin and natural brows. :)
How do you feel about American Apparel?  Fan or too risque sometimes?
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Wishes #1

Oh dear.

       I have the worst headache.  And I'm being a lazy bum.  But I'm pushing through.  Why?  Because I'm finally joining thenectarcollective's Weekly Wishes Linkup!  Like a weekly tag if you will.  You basically say your goals for the week and you support the other wishers :)  Let's hope my goals aren't the same each week.  *clinks glasses*

1.  Figure out calculus.  - I've spaced out during class for the past two weeks.  I want to go back over each lesson and actually figure it out.  I need to.  Get those grades.

2.  Blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  - I haven't blogged on my normal times for the past two weeks.  I've been getting ill each weekend!  It's the school germs.   There's a virus going around and I am not about it.  But the germs are.  So I've been super lazy.  Not this week!  I'll use hand sanitizer guys I promise.

3.  Make some new makeup looks.  - I got the new LORAC Skinny Palette.  (love LOVE LOVEEEe) and I want to create some new looks!  It's such a great palette, super exciting and inspiring. :)
The Nectar Collective
What are your personal goals with week?
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Walking + Bagel Addiction

       University makes me walk so much in a day that when I don't get as much walking as I normally do, I can't function.  Like right now.  I CAN'T FUNCTION.  I often wear sneakers so it's totally an excuse to not dress up and look lazy.  I should get something to track how far I walk in a day.  Is there an app for that?  Obviously.  Let me know if you use any cool apps like that, thank yooooooooouuuuuu.

       I'm trying to save money and the one of the cheapest meals at my school is a bagel.  Which I'm okay with.  They're really yummy and I'm kind of addicted to veggie cream cheese.  Because it's healthy right?  I know that bagels aren't that healthy.  But you know what.  They aren't deep fried.  So.  There.  I got an asiago bagel with veggie and it looks so perfect.  It's perfect.  If you don't know what asiago is, it's a yummy cheese.  I had a lot of questions on it today haha. 

       Fall has been a littly chilly but today was super muggy.  Like grey skies in the morning but it grew into the most gorgeous weather.  A bit cold in the shade but stinging hot in the sun.  :)

Has your area shown any signs of fall yet??
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