Monday, September 1, 2014

Cute Pastel Tech Haul

A haul not by how much I bought, but how much I spent.  Jeez.

       I saw a common theme with my recent tech purchases - pastels!  A bit kawaii.  Kawaii things are my guilty pleasure.  I finally got an iPhone.  My first ever!  Isn't that cute.  Explains why I'm super active on twitter now, haha.  I got it in the pretty blue and it looks great with this lavender case from Claire's.  It comes with a bunch of stick-ons that you can customize and make cute! :)

       For school (but mostly blogging), I got a new Macbook because my 2006 Mac Pro crashes every 30 seconds.  Not that productive, so I had to change it!  Which was a wallet strainer but it's totally worth it.  :)  Am I the only one who's team Apple?  My boyfriend was so worried when he heard how much I spent on the Mac.  He's a PC guy.  I can fix them well, but I think Apple products are just a lot more productive & creative friendly!

        I can totally see me becoming one of those people who can't stop buying weird phone cases.

What kind of phone case are you currently using?  I need inspo!

Friday, August 29, 2014

GLAMGLOW Mud Mask Review

glam glow mud mask hydrating treatment review, glam glow mud mask directions, is it worth the money
So I recently got this sample of the GLAMGLOW mud mask.
       Honestly, I've never heard of it until now but then again I'm used to buying those dollar mask packs at WalMart.  It describes itself as a THIRSTYMUD hydrating treatment which worried me because I thought it may make my combination skin oily or break out. 

Directions: Put on all over your face and neck. Rinse or wipe off. Easy enough. 

       HOLY CRAP. I actually loved this. It leaves your skin with this amazing refreshing menthol  feel. And your skin is so hydrated after. Like my skin completely soaked up all the moisture and I can't think of a analogy to describe the feeling. Kinda like jello but in a good way. 

       I am definitely going to pick up a larger pack at Sephora. I think this mask would be great to use at night or first thing in the morning because your body uses up a lot of water overnight.  It would also be great after washing your face with my favorite blackhead shrinking face scrub.

Find it here at Sephora!

Do you have any favorite masks to buy or make?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School Look

Top - H&M // Necklace - ALDO
     Today I had my first day of school.  You know, it's hard to reflect on a good day with a minor heat stroke.  My head and my stomach oh my gosh.  Feeling a bit better now though so that's why I'm posting so late!  My classes seem alright and I'm currently watching Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel videos.  By the way, do you know how much I love John Krasinski.  So cute.

     For the first day of school, I've always heard to wear something nice that makes you look like you're taking the class seriously.  So I love this flight attendent style wear and the yellow gold looks great it!  I'm wearing eyeshadow as eyeliner because it's a bit softer and I double wing it a bit :)

What classes are you taking?  or What was your favorite?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

DIY: Lip Plumping Scrub + Recycling Beauty Empties

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Hello!  Oh my goodness school prep has been keeping me away from all computers and it totally sucked.  Finally I can get this post out!

A couple days ago I made this lip plumping lip scrub.  I love it so much and it's a great way to recycle those old beauty containers!  Here I used a cleaned Benefit moisturizer pot.  The cinnamon works with the scrub to get dead skin off while plumping your lips!  You can use it pre-makeup or just while out.  Scrub it on and lick it off. :)
ingredients to get bigger lips, diy lip scrub, what to do with empty beauty pots
• Plastic bag
• Sugar
•  Olive Oil (can use any kind. Try almond or avocado oil!)
• Honey
• Empty jar (You can your bottles too!)
• Cinnamon
how ot get bigger lips, lush scrub dupe, bargain lush
     •  The plastic bag makes it super easy to mix!  No mess really.  Just combine the sugar, oil, and honey to get a cookie dough texture.  I didn't include measurements because I don't know how much you want to make!  It's all based on texture so if it's too soupy add more sugar and vice versa.

cinnamon lip scrub diy, uses for cinnamon, beauty lush dupe
     •   Basically the same with the lip plumping agent - cinnamon.  I added enough cinnamon to make the mixture brown.  About 3/4 of a teaspoon.

cinnamon lip scrub lush dupe, cheap diy for bigger lips, cute diy gifts for teens, tumblr
     •   Like I said before, I put the sugar scrub used a Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream pot.  It's super cute.  You can use bottles too!  Just scrub it on and let the cinnamon do it's lip plumping thing and lick it off.  The honey will leave your lips super moisturized too!

Sometimes my lips need a little pick me up and this def does the trick.  Let me know if you try it out!
What is a recent DIY project you've done?

Monday, August 18, 2014

August Wantable Box Review (My first!)

august 2014 wantable box review, what i got
what i got august 2014 wantable box, is it worth it
wantable, elizbeth mott, tarina tarantino, review, 2014, august
Happy Monday everyone!
This morning I'm off to get lunch with some friends, but I decided to drop this review real quick. :)

Two weeks ago I received a Wantable box, a monthly subscription service of beauty, intimates or accessories.  You get to choose!  What makes the beauty service different is that you get 4-5 FULL SIZED products.  Not samples.  Which I absolutely loved because I don't know.  Sometimes sample sized are so unsatisfying or not enough for my big face.

Gimme all of it.

I was really impressed with what I received.  I was reading over some other reviews that seemed sketch.  Like they got nail polish that they didn't want.  The thing is, you take a quiz on what you want to receive!  So if you don't like bright nail polish, you can just click dislike and you won't get it.  In addition, the customer service is great.  I know people who didn't like one of the products and Wantable happily exchanged it!

My quiz results entirely matched what I wanted.  Every product I received, I plan on using.  Not giving away to friends like I know people do with other boxes.  They even give you a little receipt with info on each product and also, what it was worth!  I loved that because I love to see how much I saved. ;)

The Rundown (Product - Worth)
Nail Tini Mango Rita Nail Laquer - $13.00
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight - $22.00
Elizabeth Mott Shadow Pencil - $14.99
Mica Beauty Cosmetics Kabuki Brush - $35.00

Total: $84.99 + a free BB cream sample.

Totally worth it!  What you get is far beyond the price you pay, plus you get to try out new products and discover new brands - one of my fave things about Wantable.

If you'd like to poke around the website & even just take the quiz for fun (no signup needed), visit Wantable.
Are you subscribed to any box services?  Let me know what I should try!
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of Summer Nails with a Nailtini Review

tini cosmetics nailtini polish in mango rita, review, summer manicure, fall transitioning nails
     I got this shade of Nailtini nail polish in my Wantable bow (review up soon!) and I instantly fell in love with it.  Summer is ending so the soft, creamy peach shade of "Mango Rita" is perfect.  Definitely going to transition into fall with this shade and do some experimenting.

     For my end of summer nail manicure, I buffed my nails into a slight almond shape and did two coats of the Nailtini with a top coat.  So happy with how this came out!  The polish is super opaque, which is a fear of mine with pastel shades.  I've had this manicure for about a week now and those pictures are from today.  No chips or anything!  And I am definitely not careful with my nails.

You're probably what makes this polish brand different?
Well I did some research and it turns out... 
"Cruelty-free, vegan and 5-free: no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. Made in the USA."

I'm not sponsored by them or anything I just really love their product!  It's quality plus cruelty free like that's awesome.  I'd definitely try out their other shades.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Best Brunch Pictures Ever

Mmmmmmm brunch buffet.
So last Sunday I had a birthday brunch for myself with some close friends + boyfriend!  I went to this place by the river that I've known ever since I was a toddler.  Still just as good.

     The lighting was so amazing because we sat outside and oh the food was so yummy.  My fave was the pesto mushroom pasta in the first pic.  Ugh.  So cheesy and rich and good.  Like a typical brunch buffet-er I mixed up dessert and an entree.  Maybe that's just me.

     My favorite breakfast food in the ENTIRE world is eggs benedict and it looks so amazing in this picture.  Some of my friends don't know what it is, so if you don't, it's usually a toasted english muffin topped with canadian bacon and a poached egg.  
I'm one of those weird people that looooooooves runny yolk on their food.  Yum.

     I definitely recommend having a brunch birthday!  It's so fun and it's a perfect gift because you treat yourself to like all the best foods.  And honestly?  It's not that expensive so it's such a great option.  :)  Yelp those reviews!

What was your favorite birthday?
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