Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Wishes #1

Oh dear.

       I have the worst headache.  And I'm being a lazy bum.  But I'm pushing through.  Why?  Because I'm finally joining thenectarcollective's Weekly Wishes Linkup!  Like a weekly tag if you will.  You basically say your goals for the week and you support the other wishers :)  Let's hope my goals aren't the same each week.  *clinks glasses*

1.  Figure out calculus.  - I've spaced out during class for the past two weeks.  I want to go back over each lesson and actually figure it out.  I need to.  Get those grades.

2.  Blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  - I haven't blogged on my normal times for the past two weeks.  I've been getting ill each weekend!  It's the school germs.   There's a virus going around and I am not about it.  But the germs are.  So I've been super lazy.  Not this week!  I'll use hand sanitizer guys I promise.

3.  Make some new makeup looks.  - I got the new LORAC Skinny Palette.  (love LOVE LOVEEEe) and I want to create some new looks!  It's such a great palette, super exciting and inspiring. :)
The Nectar Collective
What are your personal goals with week?
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Walking + Bagel Addiction

       University makes me walk so much in a day that when I don't get as much walking as I normally do, I can't function.  Like right now.  I CAN'T FUNCTION.  I often wear sneakers so it's totally an excuse to not dress up and look lazy.  I should get something to track how far I walk in a day.  Is there an app for that?  Obviously.  Let me know if you use any cool apps like that, thank yooooooooouuuuuu.

       I'm trying to save money and the one of the cheapest meals at my school is a bagel.  Which I'm okay with.  They're really yummy and I'm kind of addicted to veggie cream cheese.  Because it's healthy right?  I know that bagels aren't that healthy.  But you know what.  They aren't deep fried.  So.  There.  I got an asiago bagel with veggie and it looks so perfect.  It's perfect.  If you don't know what asiago is, it's a yummy cheese.  I had a lot of questions on it today haha. 

       Fall has been a littly chilly but today was super muggy.  Like grey skies in the morning but it grew into the most gorgeous weather.  A bit cold in the shade but stinging hot in the sun.  :)

Has your area shown any signs of fall yet??
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Monday, October 13, 2014

FabFitFun VIP Fall Box Review + $10 off Coupon Code!

FitFabFun VIP Fall Box Review + $10 off Coupon Code!
FitFabFun VIP Fall Box Review + $10 off Coupon Code!
FitFabFun VIP Fall Box Review + $10 off Coupon Code!
I recently received at FabFitFun VIP Box Review!  Get this Fall box right now at FabFitFun.  They're running out!

       I'm obessed you guys.  I've never received a box service this amazing.  FabFitFun boxes are just a bundle of joy - beauty, fashion and snacks.  First off the box is HUGE.  It's as big as a sneaker shoe box.  The packaging is so adorable and I wonder how their process is.  Because your products are wrapped in dainty tissue paper and those pretty paper worms.  Like easter.  I fell in love before I saw what I got.

Speaking of what I got, here's the breakdown with what each product is worth...

Jessie Steele Apron - $32
Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster - $56 (!!!)
Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank You Card Set, Sealing Wax & Wax Press - $43 (So cute, I can't believe it.)
Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Ped - $12 ( They're adorable no slip socks for yoga or around the house.  ADORABLE.)
Beauty for Real True Color Lip Cream "Always There" - $22 (Now my official Fall color.)
CHI 44 Iron Guard - $14.50 (CHI PRODUCT.  A FULL BOTTLE.)
The Honest Co. Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar - $4.95
LaNatura Travel Body Butter - $18
FitFusion 3-Month Digital Subscription - $29.97

Bonus Items: "Just for a taste!" (cute you guys)
Mary's Gone Crackers
Numi Organic Tea


       In short, the FabFitFun VIP box is totally worth it.  It's ridiculous.  Better than a lot of boxes I've heard of because who just wants some samples?  These won't just fill up your beauty cabinet, they give you products you'll actually use around the house as well.  It's definitely fun. This box was also Breast Cancer Awareness themed!  Shouts out for that!  Also you got a bunch of amazing coupon codes of course.

       I think that this box is great not only because of the value but because of the love in it.  You know?  It's not a box full of gluttony, there's something sweet about it.  I love that they do it four times a year rather than monthly so you get quantity AND quality.  Like any other box service, you can cancel your FitFabFun subscription any time. :)

COUPON CODE: irony10 - Use this code for $10 off your VIP box!

 Do you subscribe to any boxes right now?  What's your favorite that I got?
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Breezy Day + a Wolfie

happy fall stripes and tap shorts navy outfit, hollister sandals, how to wear hollister in a cute way, macys, bargain shopping, 8 dollar outfit, 4 dollar shorts and shirt, asian, tumblr, sunny, filipino, mixed, hott dot com bracelet
hottt dot com wolf bracelet, styling, tumblr, jewelry
Bracelet from Top and shorts (yes, they're shorts!) from Macy's. Sandals from Hollister!
       Today was very windy but oh the sun was still hot.  I'm like sweating right now.  No idea why but I am.  Now you know.   I chose to wear this really simple outfit but I decided to share it because... I don't know...  It makes me very happy!  I actually got both of these pieces for about $4 each.  :)  Such great buys, I love them.  And the bottoms look like a skirt but they really are shorts!  Love that type.

The Psychadelic Wolf Bracelet is from!  It has a gorgeous wood backing so you can wear it two ways!

       I just had the best dinner ever.  My mom made beef stew in coconut curry with spinach and mushrooms.  AND I had a baked sweet potato.  Do you know how much I love sweet potatoes?  Like a lot.  I read that they help lower your risk for high blood pressure.  I'm trying to cut out wheat and sugar.  The sugar part is going horribly I might add.  But I'm definitely inspired by the paleo diet.  Here's a link to more info about it if you want to learn more about the caveman diet :)

       So you know how John Mayer made that song "Waiting On The World To Change"?  Well we're the next generation after him.  So don't just wait.  Get educated on social issues you care about and help change the world for the better.  There's so much bad in the world that can be changed you know.  Why is sexism and racism okay?

What's a social issue you're passionate about?
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Monday, October 6, 2014

First of Fall + Cute BF Surprise

Fall Neutral Leggings Outfit Boyfriend Pizza Surprise, tumblr girl leggings outfit, tumblr h and m outfit, shiny brown tunic outfit, how to wear, brown sunglasses, target, forever 21 black leggings outfit, style
Fall Neutral Leggings Outfit Boyfriend Pizza Surprise, tumblr girl leggings outfit, tumblr h and m outfit, shiny brown tunic outfit, how to wear, brown sunglasses, target, forever 21 black leggings outfit, style
Fall Neutral Leggings Outfit Boyfriend Pizza Surprise, tumblr girl leggings outfit, tumblr h and m outfit, shiny brown tunic outfit, how to wear, brown sunglasses, target, forever 21 black leggings outfit, style, picnic, bestie
The top is from H&M, leggings from F21 and the shoes are from Macy's.
       Today was niiiice and coooool out.  Not as cold as yesterday!  But close enough.  Close enough for me to finally get into fall clothing.  I was so in love with today's outfit.  Sunglasses are CC's haha.  I need to get myself some brown sunglasses!  Probably for less than $5.  Probably.  I always lose them.

       My boyfriend was really sweet and delivered me a pizza from Domino's as a lil treat.  Okay I got cheesy bread too.  I told him I wanted Indian food last night but sadly no one delivers.  So he got me pizza.  Whatacutie.  BTW Domino's cheesy bread has cheese stuffed in it.  Amazing.  I eat so much you guys.  I'm trying to eat healthy at school and I sometimes do.  Is a burrito bowl healthy?  It has protein and veggies.  Right?  Eh. 

       I got spinach and pineapple because they're some of my faaaaves.  Pineapple may be my favorite pizza topping.  What's yours?  I may be an official Domino's fan.  Still thinking about pizza. 
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Pinterest Lesson #2: How To Get Clicked On

getting people to click on your blog post, tagline advice, refinery29, blogging tips, pinterest marketing, help, tumblr, flowers, design

We've seen millions of links on the internet.  But how many times do you click?

       I mentioned on the last Pinterest tips lesson that pinning regularly ups your chances to be shared.  That's the point, right?  Well if you want to be shared and actually clicked on, here are some tips for you!

Your caption matters.  Especially for blogs.

       Okay so, I also use Pinterest as a hobby to just see unique things.  I know I - and the majority of pinners - see a pretty outfit/dish/idea, say, "Oh, that's cool."  Pinned and move on.  You don't click.  Unless there's more to see.  That's when you click.  What does your post offer readers?  Use that.

       Do you follow any awesome newsletters?  They definitely get you to click.  I follow Refinery29 and their taglines are insanely good.  I always click!  I've studied their taglines and how they get people on their website through social media.  What makes your post special?  That's awesome.  Keep that in mind!

Here are some examples of effective tagline styles.  

P.S. I've included how they could be used in different blogging styles!

- Can't afford the gym?  No one can these days.  Try this instead.  (ideas for diet recipes)
- It was the date from hell... (personal post or advice)
- Everything you need for fall.  Even if you don't know it yet.  (haul, wishlist, fashion!)

Don't believe me?

Here are some of my own recent pin taglines that have worked really well...
- Shine boost on a college budget? Learn what drugstore product i found and worked after one use! (8 pins, 5 likes)
- College Outfit: Transitioning from summer into fall with red! (3 pins, 3 likes)
- It's Back to School! Which means stress so here's 5 Ways To Relax. (42 pins, 18 likes)

I'm current finishing up this post at school. I'm exhausted. I can't be here.  I just want to not talk to anyone and just watch YouTube videos.  Life.  Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey is a great song btw. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and my previous 4 Tips For Pinterest Traffic post!  Unveiling some exciting stuff soon :)  Share this post to spread some words!

I'm looking to get work done and sleep this weekend.  I'm exhausted you guys.
What are you doing this weekend?
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

White + Gold Accessories / Review

I love this combination so much.

      I wore this white and gold combo yesterday.  I'm in love.  I think that you could wear white and gold together with any fall fashion trend.  Especially with those forest greens I talked about and plums!  It would be instead of a pop of color, a pop of bright white to freshen things up ya know.

       The middle bolted bangle bracelet was sent to me from  I chose it because of the famous Kylie Jenner picture of here and those ridiculously expensive bangles.  This is a great trendy jewelry dupe.  It's great quality and the bangle doesn't fit weird like bangles do sometimes.  I'm definitely going to visit the website again for some cool jewelry to wear with other fall outfits!

You can find this bracelet here (currently on sale!) and more statement jewelry on

       I am absolutely exhausted right now.  I need energy.  And food.  I had a salad for lunch and I just know that it isn't enough!  I want pasta.  Ugh.  And coffee.  I'm starting some different projects to keep me busy.  I want to start a thing where we can share our own creative sides!  A linky or something.  Would you join that?  I'll keep thinking!

What is something you're working on this week?
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