Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekend Shopping Guide: Refresh the Beauty Stock

wsg drugstore
You're probably like "ehhh products".  Not really. That doesn't make sense. But in my mind you did that. Y u do dat

Every year before school season it's a good idea to refresh your product usuals.  These can include your basics which in my case are
• red lip color
• a huge body lotion
• an eyeliner that I can fail at applying before heading off to school
• some kind of light coverage foundation

You're probably thinking "USUALS = the same brand" so no problem right?  Eh not for me. You're wrong. WRONG. kidding. I'm bored. Do yo thing. 
But I am a firm believer that you should change up usual products because our bodies can get used to the formula!  I talked about this in my frizzy hair care post. It really helped me! 

So this year I'm going to go for the Stila all day lip color in red. Last year was Chanel, but i think i'll pass that one on.  Aveeno for body lotion. Previously Palmers Cocoa Butter. 
Maybelline Gel Liner. I stole this from my best friend in high school because I wasn't allowed to use dark eyeliner.  Maybe I should buy it for myself.  Previously Kohl liner. 
And a Rimmel BB Cream. I am a huge fan of my NYX foundation but I think it may be too heavy for me. And too much work in the morning!  No time for blending here people.  

What are your usual beauty products?  Do you believe in switching up brands like me or do you stick to your classic? 
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Positivity Pill: Why This Is Happening + why you be Gorgeous

I found a little notebook on my dad's bookshelf and it has a ton of my doodles from when I was a toddler!  I had a rough morning.  But it pretty much ended with these.

Look at how happy these doodles are!  They're similar to the rest of the notebook.
It got me thinking.  I need to compile things that make me happy so that I don't lose them.  and I think you'd love them!  Hopefully they'll brighten up your day :)

look at those happy smiling faces one is winking like shit you must be gorgeous

Last night I discovered Anna Akana, a very funny and inspiring youtuber.  Who also dated Ray William Johnson.  I am iffy on finding new youtubers but I'm really glad I found her.  She addresses her depression lightly and how she makes it go away if she feels it start to gain power.

Most videos have a positive message.  And it's not cheesy.  Which helps me.
The video above is called "How to put on your face" which parallels putting on makeup to inner beauty.  People always say it's what on the inside that counts.  But I think she gives that notion a voice.
And I love it.  And I love her.  <3

I've been crying a lot.  For what, I don't know why.  (Akana addresses this to and I'm like yes YEA YAS)  But the littlest bit of positivity helps.  So I hope it makes you smile too. :)

What do you do to be positive?  Should you start being more bright about life?

Monday, July 28, 2014

H&M Haul: Way Under $20 + feat. CELINE LEATHER??

bargain shopping, HM haul, shopping under 20 dollars, shopping cheap as a teen
cheap, celine look a like, lookalike, faux leather at a good price, faith bag, simple, lip gloss keychain, hm lipgloss

black and gold handm belt, plus sign belt, silky tunic
I have my CAMERA and my LAPTOP
OH my gosh. back to blogging!

This is just a portion of the things I bought while on the trip. All from H&M. 

And get this. I probably spent under $20. for this haul.

In the top corner is a silky taupe knit. I legit can't wait to wear it this fall with leggings. I await comfort. $5.
On the right is a cheetah skater style dress.  The silhouette is perfect and I can't wait to show it to you on! $5.

Onto accessories. Also known as things I don't need!
At H&M I normally just pick it up if the price is ridiculously cheap or if it's cute!  Not if I need it or not. 
I loved the gold and black belt because the details were bold but not cheap looking. $3.50
The coin purse was $.50. Fifty cents.  It says FAITH at the top and the texture reminds me of CELINE leather!  Such a deal, don't you think?  
Lastly, the keychain was $1.50. Three lip products in one, I'm all for things cute and mini. I think I'm trying to include more cute things in my life for positivity!
Also a lil umbrella. $1.50 WHAT

The last thing I want to say is how thankful I am for the support on my travel series!  I was sure that my vacation would be a shot to my blog but not only did I love sharing, you voiced that ou loved it too!  So thanks <3

Tell me. What is your haul store?? You know that store where you always pick up a bunch of stuff. Zara?  Zumiez?  
Mine is H&M <3333
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Friday, July 25, 2014

DAY 8: Altar'd State First Impression + food of course

altar'd state store review
antique, vintage iphone photography, flowers and sky
argentine bean chicken pot puff, kentucky restaurants, food

     The weather was perfect for an outdoor mall.  The specific one I visited had a store I never heard of!  But the windows of Altar'd State told me that it was a boutique not to miss out on.

     The mission statement of Altar'd State was to help customers be different and stay different.  I get the point but I don't really encourage that.  Because forcing everyone to be different is just the same as encouraging people to be similar.  Be yourself. After some reading, I found that the store was supposed to have a religious undertone (hence altar) but I did not get that from my visit. 

     The store was gorgeous though. Filled with hippie and teen inspired designs, the store showed off art and cozy decor as well as clothing.  

     So why am I not showing you what I bought?
     Well, because I didn't buy anything. I am a clearance rack stalker and despite a promising extra 50% off, nothing was worth my cash. If I had a stable job as a teenager, I'd probably buy some things.  

     I was reading reviews on twitter and girls were saying they'd spend their whole paycheck on a trip to this store!  But ya know, how long can they do that for.

     It was a beautiful store.  Very Anthropologie-esque.  But a price lowering could work wonders. 

     (fyi my meal was a Chicken Pot Puff. YUM)

From my review, would you shop here? 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

DAY 7: Big Boy, Me+Rain, New Wants

big boy food kentucky, buffalo chicken yum
frichs big boy

     Always start a post with yummy food. Doesn't that look so unhealthily good?   Ugh. Buffalo chicken and fries. I really miss putting hot sauce on everything. I love everything spicy what can I say?  Got this at Big Boy, a Midwest chain for really good typical American cravings.  Saw it on the Travel Channel a while ago!

     Went for a walk in the rain and it was barely humid, so I really enjoyed it. Used my sale H&M umbrella. How else would you enjoy the rain?  

     I was reading a Teen Vogue and I was surprised at the amazing styling in the Elle Fanning issue!  I found this gorgeous top (sports bra?) by Nasir Hasbar I believe. I think I may invest in something like this. Because I love it so much.  I totally spend more in weird small purchases.  It's different. 

Hopefully going to find some great shopping today!

Are your "investment pieces" kind of random or classic basics? 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DAY 6: Staple finds!

staple, guess heels, cutout

     Yesterday was pure dry heat.  It really made me miss home. :,(  But I visited a Macy's (as expected) and found some great things in the shoe aisle. Specifically clearance. 

      I am normally not a Guess fan. Like I don't ever find things that fit me - for the best price usually - even at the outlet mall!  But this time I did find these perfect black cutout boots.  The distressed leather is casual and at a great height. 

     I also found these gator skin style black sneakers.  You've seen plenty of these shoes all over the web.  But they really are a great staple. just to slip on and go with any outfit?  I need. 

Both shoes were about $20 each. 

Going on an adventure today!  What are some staples you have bought recently?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DAY 5: Nothing to buy but the sky was beautiful.

      There was nothing to buy!  I scoured the H&M.  Nothing.  Even at extra 50% off!  Ah well.  Onto the next store.  But people actually go to Dairy Queen here. So I'm taking advantage of that.  Turtle Sundae. �� 

     Outside the sky was gorgeous though. So wide and open. Don't see that often where I'm from. I must admit that I do miss the beach.  Only a little. I miss friends and the beach.  Sigh.  Didn't do much yesterday! 

No question today.  Just thanks for being my friends and I love you <3
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