Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Your College Major Doesn't Matter

Yes, I know but just hear me out.

       I know.  My brain thinks a little different sometimes.  (my boyfriend probably rolled his eyes at this post because he knows what's to come ha)  With the kinda exception of doctor or lawyer or anything like that, I really believe that your major doesn't matter.  Your degree does, at least that's the case here in the states. Let me explain.

       Your major doesn't define what you do.  That's what I believe.  I think that thinking your major defines what life means to you limits you.   Just like getting your major doesn't guarantee a job in that field.  I think the flexibility lets people try out more in life and widens your opportunities!  Why do I think this?  Well my parents' majors had nothing to do with what they do now.  That's how I grew up.  Your major doesn't define you.  What you do in life does.

       Why think this way?  RELEASE FROM PRESSURE.  College kids (and high school kids, I see you) are so rushed to figure out what they do in life.  I've met so many stressed and ashamed people who have not figured out what they are going to major in.  They think that this decision will make or break them.  But in reality, the decision doesn't make you, your actions do.  There's so many choices.  There's so many opportunities.  So my advice is to pick a major you're interested in or one that you feel comfortable in.  Don't like it?  Change it.  Everything is going to be fine in the end.

       The right opportunity will find you if you are open.  It found my parents.  Blogging found me.  How does this view help me benefit from life?  Well, I'm a Management Information Systems major and I'm picking a minor.  Thinking marketing now.  I've picked a very office-y driven major but I'm not going to let that hold my spirit for creativity down.  I do love computers and business.  But I love writing and creating as well.  So my major doesn't necessarily matter.  I'm big on freedom and defying the definition of things.  Especially people in my age group.  Major doesn't matter right now.  No stress.  Chill.  :)

I'd love to know your opinion on this frame of thought I have!  For or against? :)
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Coffee At The American Girl Cafe

 I loved it and don't judge me.

       The American Girl store is crazy.  Crazy BUSY.  HEYO.  No but seriously.  If you don't know what the store is about, they sell American Girl dolls.  They have children's books and they make big dolls of the books and the dolls have clothes and they make the same clothes for kids with the dolls.  So you match your doll.  Let me know if you understood that.  What a business.  So many things to sell. 

       It's always so full of parents and kids.  And then there's me.  Who is obsessed with food.  There's a cute cafe in the American Girl store.  It's everything you're imagining.  Pink.  Cute.  Servers are forced to be super nice.  I love it.  They have cute drinks and cute food.  What else do I need.

       We just wanted to be in the cafe so we just got parmesan-herb fries and the holiday desserts.  Cupcakes, cookies and strawberries with chocolate.  They have a bunch of real entrees like salmon and pasta (which looked really good) but we already ate SO I'm going to have to go back.  I actually liked the food.  It wasn't a lot but I wasn't expecting too much.  The objective was to be cute.  And it was!

What's the best place you've eaten at lately?
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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Untraditional Christmas Life

Dealing when your Christmas isn't as traditional as everyone else's. Be thankful!

       Yesterday, we went Christmas food shopping!  But not just at your local grocery store. No, my unconventional food choices this year are found at IKEA.  Yes, my Christmas dinner will feature food from a furniture store.  Is that weird?

       Our holiday dinners have always had some different foods especially in recent years. For example, last year's Thanksgiving we mostly ate Brie. Not complaining. Fancy cheese is #1 in my book.  But I used to get upset that my holidays weren't like everyone else's.  Like traditional American food, lots of people around, lots of gifts.  (Opposite of my holidays). But eh I got over it because i really thought about it. Would I like that stuff if I actually experienced it?  Probs not. Moved on. 

       I love IKEA food.  It's very lame of me. But I think its so yummy. And don't even tell me about the horse thing because they fixed it and it wasn't in the states (I think).  I mostly get mac and cheese. Go figure. Also their cinnamon buns. Life.  We got some potato fritters, almond cake, saffron rolls and crab spread.  The potato fritters are my FAVORITE.  They're like potato pancakes without all the onion. (I hate onion.  For future reference.). The almond cake is like a Filipino dessert called sansrival, minus the rum taste. I love that as well :)

What's something unique about your yearly holidays?
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

5 Things To Do Differently in 2015

Life changing images.

       Thank goodness the semester is over.  Now I can finally do important things.  Sad but true.  This semester was a bit full of fluff but I think I feel that way because of my outlook on it all.  I just finished up my schoolwork today and it feels awesome.  But you know me, I'm always looking to the next one.  I wanted to make some changes to how I learn.
  1. Try out more personas with makeup.  - Like.  Wear more.  I think that it is definitely another way to work in creativity into your daily routine.  Try out different looks and personas.  I snagged this Brigitte Bardot picture off of twitter and fell in love with the makeup.  
  2. Actually study everything??? - I mean like study everything.  I mostly just do things.  And for school I cram for everything.  I just get by.  My objective has always been to get the grade or get out content.  But I think in 2015 I'll actually try to learn.
  3. Make marks on the world. - Rather than setting a business goal, make a goal to make an impression.  Because in the end that's what matters the most I think.  I'll be doing it by making more art and helping others.  Impressions are made through creation and empathy :)
  4. Grow in all directions. - Moving upward is what we all want right?  But what if success wasn't based off of who was on top?  I think branching out will be interesting. Be creative and excel in every part of life.  Social life, art, writing, family. That sounds like a full life to me. 
  5. Encourage others extravagantly. - Do it a lot. If we are all empowered by each other, who can stop us?  Don't be secret about it. Appreciate people loudly.  Be obvious and help and love. I, for one, will be more encouraging on Twitter. It's just a tweet!  You can tweet random people and they probably won't mind.  Encouraging others makes you warm so try it. :)
       I'm staying under the covers forever. It's freezing outside.  Plus, I've got to start eating healthier.  If you find me I'm probs crying over eating an ice cream sundae. Real life. 

What's your reaction to the end of 2014?
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Be bold and educated. It's freaking 2014. Speak up.

       I'm sick of staying quiet.  I'm sick of broadcasted television news.  I'm sick of the news mixing events with their beliefs.  I'm sick of being told to let things go.  I'm sick of being told that's how the world works.  I'm sick of "if only he didn't do [insert small detail] he would be alive".  I'm sick of "if only she didn't go outside, she wouldn't be kidnapped".  I'm sick of staying quiet.  It doesn't work.

       It's a horrible system we live in sometimes but we have the internet.  And this is where (well for now) the corporations cannot filter out your thoughts and beliefs.  We can speak out on anything that wrongs us.  And we should.  Don't let complaints about spamming your feed or how "dumb" the issue is stop you.  If you feel wronged, say it.

       There's a time and place for everything.  I agree.  Sometimes when I was bullied, I would stay quiet and the girl or boy would stop.  Sometimes when you feel you are in danger because of a catcall, the option is always there to stay quiet.  But if you feel that you must speak out?  Do.  Because why not.  It's 2014.  You shouldn't deal with the same shit that we've been dealing with for decades.  That makes no sense.

       For society to advance, we must create new habits and not repeat the old.  (from my sociology class)

       So.  When you feel something is corrupt?  Fucking call them out.  Send a company an email.  Say that you were treated wrong.  Tweet it and tag them.  They hate that.  The internet is one of the only places where we actually have our voice.  Guy mistreats you.  Touches you?  Call the police.  Be bold.  Don't be scared. 

(Btw don't threaten anyone if they haven't threatened you or do anything illegal I don't want you hurt okay bumblebees?)

       And if someone calls you classless, they may be okay with the wrong.  That's their perspective.  It's a quick comeback.  Let's say you're saying that someone mistreated you and you're passionate about it.  (It makes sense to be passionate. I have your back bumblebee.)  They can oh so EASILY say, "You're being so immature."  That's dumb.  It's a dumb defense.  Hush up Fox and ultra privileged/oppressive conservatives.  Same thing.

I don't know.
Just call out the corrupt haha.  I'm sick of people having to be okay with all this.

       Two things I've been loving lately!  The first is the sky recently.  It's been too good to me.  It's been a mix of blue and yellow and pink at sunset.  I took this picture a bit after the pink phase but I promise to take one and post it!  Must see.  Also.  I've been obsessed with the Chestnut Praline latte from Starbucks.  But I really need to stop with the sugar.  But really is so great.  Next time don't get the Pumpkin Spice and get this one.

Ok worker bees.  What's something you HATE and will speak out against today?
If you speak out on Twitter, tag me!  I wanna see the change. 
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<btw i'm having an advertisement giveaway on twitter this week!>

Sunday, December 7, 2014

5 Non-Holiday Movies To Watch This Winter

Because you need a buffer sometimes.

       Sometimes I don't like to watch holiday movies.  I enjoy Elf like every other person but I think that too much happy movies give me a headache.  I need an emotional roller coaster.  One that doesn't involve snow and candy canes.  Like a buffer between holiday movies.  Winter calls for all movies.  Don't discriminate.  

       Now get this.  I'm not a movie person.  I only like a select amount of movies.  And I rewatch them.  So here are my ultimate picks for you to watch and eat pizza and tea to. :)

1.  50/50 - This is my favorite movie of all time.  There's a lot of little details that go towards the meaning.  The main character is played by Joseph Gordan Levitt.  The babe.  He does a lot of things right in his life and is a good person but he gets cancer.  50/50 chance of living.  It's a funny take on cancer and light and serious sometimes and I love it.  Life.

2.  The Social Network - I love this movie.  Two faves are in it.  Andrew Garfield (also babe) and Brenda Song.  I love this movie because of the story.  It's Facebook, it's a part of our culture.  It's a very pretty movie just like 50/50.  I appreciate the nerds in the movie.  J.Timberlake sucks.  Eh.

3.  Katy Perry, Part Of Me - I call it the Katy Perry movie.  Don't judge me.  It's an amazing and inspiring movie.  You will cry in the first 30 seconds of it, I did.  It's good OK.  Also it covers her breakup with Russell Brand and her tour.  It's fun.  Watch it.

4.  When Harry Met Sally - Is this a holiday movie?  Parts of it happen in the holidays.  But whatever.  It's a favorite.  I love love love the relationship of Harry and Sally.  It's a classic and you really have to see it.  Basically they're besties and they deal with each other having boyfriends and girlfriends.

5.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Speaking of Russell Brand. He's in this.  I think I first watched this when I was googling how to get over a breakup.  And people were like watch romantic comedies.  Then I watched this.  And I was like that doesn't help at all.  Anyway I love it.  Guy is trying to get over his ex.  Basic story.  But it's bright and the colors are nice and it's cute!

What's your favorite movie to watch in Christmas time?  Will you watch one of my faves?
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Outfits On The Go! Disney Pins + Why Weird Looks?

In the midst of exam week.  There are outfits.

       Don't give up.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  But I can't.  Study that is.  I do alright don't worry.  I got this.  [maybe probably not pray for me]  Currently writing this post and listening to Drake.  Because I'm tired and I'm in a winner mood.  Though I may not be a winner with my exams.  But I have been fun with my outfits this week leading up!

      The first outfit is a classic.  Acid wash jeans from Urban Outfitters.  I'm totally looking forward to the after holiday sale from them.  I'll be looking for some new weird pieces that no one wants for half off.  My fave.  The top is from H&M and shoes are Macy's.  A reg.  You can see the makeup in my last post! 

       It's the fun that counts.  I used to adore wearing tourist type clothing and I totally missed it!  You get weird looks sometimes but you know I'm having fun and I'm confident with it so that's all that matters.  Or maybe I just looked really mad so they were like what's her problem.  SECOND OUTFIT.  Anyway I made this tiedye shirt and the shorts are from Macy's.  Shoes are Dillard's.  Also I wore Disney pins.  Because why not put those to use as well.

       I'm exhausted.  I've set up a bunch of things for my US Fashion Bloggers collective blog!  Even though I'm setting up a support system for US bloggers I love bloggers from around the world of course :)  If you'd like to be added to the info list, drop your email below!

What's your favorite outfit that you've worn this week?
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