Monday, November 24, 2014



       I don't even do fancy things on the holidays.  I literally will sit at home and play Candy Mania.  BUT THINGS JUST HAVE TO BE SO STRESSFUL.  I hate planning things and it stresses me so much.  Like I'm not living for this.  Stop.  It's only been maybe 5 days since I've blogged.  But hey.  Withdrawals.

Here are some of the things that have really been taking up my time.
  • I've been glam with my neon pink jacket.
  • I've been glam in my pink jacket + scarf.  
  • I took the best selfie ever.  I haven't posted to my instagram since because I can't live up to that selfie.
  • I saw a very fall tree.
  • I drank some orange juice and remembered that I don't really like orange juice.
  • My professor bought us donuts and oj.  I ate both.  {see previous point}
Cuh-ray-zee antics.

       I will assume regular posting starting NOW.  I may or may not have made a collage of paris hilton for a future post.  What am I doing with my life.  Being amazing.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LOTD: Cold Weather Effects

 It's cold.

       UGh.  I like the cold weather I've got to admit.  I've liked my outfits.  I appreciate not sweating.  But I'm not in the best mood.  I feel like I could eat everything in sight. This bagel is from yesterday.  But today I've had soup.  A cinnamon roll.  Chocolate soymilk.  But I'm craving: smore's, cheesecake, cheese fries, black bean tortilla chips, and coffee.

       I've been super into my makeup lately.  Yesterday I wore a big plum lip and an olive green eye.  I've really been inspired by Helen Melonlady's youtube videos.  Her looks are always so unique and gorgeous and right up my alley.

       I'm not in the best mood right now :(  So I leave you with this very very bright cold weather look that I got a bunch of weird looks for.  Why are you wearing such bright colors.  It's cold out.  Don't judge.

What's your go-to outfit for freezing weather?
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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Awesome + Great Sweater Weather Guide

I got tagged!  People know I exist!  YAY!  The lovely Elizabeth tagged me with one of the most fun and festive ones of the year.  Yay!

1.  Favorite candle scent?
Hmmmm.  I'm a sucker for those backed goods ones.  Any bakery scent. 
2.  Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Coffee for sure.  But I drink a lot of tea for health too!
3.  Best fall memory?
Uhhh getting Starbucks holiday drinks on sale.  BOGO from 2-5 right now people.
4.  Which makeup trend do you prefer?
I'm all for the mauve and berry colors people are going for nowadays.  It's different than the red lip that I normally do!  Sorry Taylor.
5.  Best fragrance for fall?
May I dare say pumpkin spice coffee?  I think it just says the season.  Or maybe pine needles.  But I for sure love the scent of coffee during the season.
6.  Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Potatoes in general.  Mashed potatoes and gravy.  Red potatoes.  Sweet potatoes.  All the carbs.
7.  What is Autumn weather like where you live?
 Sunny!  Sometimes it's cloudy and cold like it should be real cold tomorrow.  But it will warm up once the sun comes out.
8.  Most worn sweater?
I don't wear sweaters often.  Sometimes I look ill in them.  Am I the only one?  But I do love sweaters.  I have this grey sweater with a lace bottom that I love to wear with leggings :)
9.  Must have nail polish for fall?
I'm really on the lookout for an emerald green polish.  I think it'd look so nice with berry and red shades.  :)
10.  Football games or jumping in leave piles?
 Definitely not football.  Like the culture of it is interesting.  But I'm so against it right now.  I'll post what I mean soon.  Because I hate.  SO jumping piles.
11.  Skinny jeans or leggings?
 Leggings for freaking sure.  Skinny jeans are so uncomfortable for me.  #shortlyfe
12.  Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots look weird on me.  Uggs are no.  But I do have Ugg style sperries.  Like faux fur lined house slippers.  They're my FAVE.
13.  Is pumpkin spice really worth the hype?
Yes.  It is.  It is butter in a cup.
14.  Favorite fall TV show?
Hmmmmm.  I'm a youtube watcher right now.  I've been loving my long RoosterTeeth Let's Plays lately!   One can really cozy up watching them.
15.  What song really gets you into the Fall spirit?
100% Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood.  I love singing it around the house and in the car and while wearing a sweater.  It's super festive.

I tag... (but anyone can do it!)

 I want to know.  What is your favorite drink in the summer?
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Expert Review of Cute Skoshbox Snacks (November)

I really missed doing reviews.
       I must admit that I am an expert on Asian snacks.  Actually growing up, we called it the oriental market.  Not a lot of people knew about Asian snacks and people made fun of me for eating weird stuff in school sometimes haha.  But there's been a trend going on in the past couple years!  PEOPLE LOVE ASIAN SNACKS.  It makes sense...
  1. Cute packaging.
  2. Most of the time they're sweet.
  3. Different types of wafers and gummies - the gist of it. 
  4. You get to figure out if it's good or not.  Because you could think it's sweet.  No it's salty.  Fun.
       But a lot of people only know snacks like Hello Panda.  (chocolate filled biscuits)

       I bring it up because Skoshbox sent me one of their surprisingly gorgeous boxes of Asian snacks!  It's a great introduction to different snacks.   If you're like me and get tired of eating 3 bags of Cheetos.  This is a great option.  Test the waters.  The world was made for experimentation.  

       My favorite snacks from my box were the peach gummies and the Bourbon Elise Wafer Sticks!  You get a ton of snacks.  Like multiples of each snack.  I think the best thing about Skoshbox was the legend that told you what the snacks look like.  Because when I'm in the oriental store, they don't tell you what the snacks are.  So you have to decide by like color.  Like, pink = sweet/strawberries.  It's a struggle.

       Anyway, I'm setting aside Sunday for reviews!  I missed doing them and I have a bunch of makeup I want to review.  :)

Are you into the Asian snack thing? 
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Outfits On The Go! "Friends" Who Bully + Happy Clothes

       Oh what a cold, dreary morning.  If there's one part of me that you must know, it's that I NEVER.  I repeat never.  Never dress for the weather.  So I'm wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.  I did get some honey ginseng green tea to brighten things up a bit.  But eh.  I'm also listening to MIA which always helps get me up and active.  WAKE UP.

       Well I was disrespected.  I have a"friend", well person I know that always brings up that I took classes at a community college in high school.  (We go to a private college now.)  And disregards my classes.  "What would you even learn?  They don't help.  You didn't learn anything."  And laughs his head off.  It's extremely offending.  I'm ranting because he just did it in my last class and I finally snapped at him and started to leave.  Then he grabbed me & hugged me?  But it was more like locked me in like around my arms.  He like wouldn't let me go.  I can't stand people like that.  Elitist people often think that they have a right to you.  I'm pissed.  Anyway.  *cheers up*

       My first outfit is some of them cheap leggings from Forever 21.  They have this pretty burgundy color and it's amazing that I got them for $4.80!  The top is from Macy's and was about 8 dollars?  I like it because it's a pretty sturdy crochet but isn't bulky because its a tank shape.  :)  The boots are from Macy's and I wear them everyday during the fall.  Shoes are expensive guys.

       The second outfit has a Ralph Lauren top that I got from an RL outlet.  The skirt is from a boutique the Philippines.  I wear it anytime I feel like I have nothing to wear.  Just makes me feel good!  I love clashing prints like this.  I don't know why more people don't do it.  I think it just works always!  Anyway.  I wore sparkly Sperry Top-Siders because I'm basic and awesome.

Do you have a piece of clothing/beauty product that brightens up your mood?
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

6 Apps I've Been Loving Lately

       Happy Wednesday!  So much work to do this week.  It's weird because I rely on my iPhone to help me get things DONE but also to procrastinate.  Life.  So I wanted to share some apps because I've been obsessed.  Plus, you spent so much on your phone!  Don't let it get old.  Get yo moneyz worth.
(all apps are free and I'm not sponsored wooo)

1. Pacer - Currently bae.  It's a really simple steps tracking app that gives an estimate of how many calories you've burnt.  I walk a lot at school but it's crazy to see on paper how many steps it is!  I hit over 10,000 in a 6 hour school day. I think it just helps you feel better about yourself.  "Oh, I've been so active I am sO HEALTH."  I'm all for it.

2.  Candy Mania - Like candy crush.  But I think there's less crazy activities that you have to spend money on powerups.  It's fun and I like it.  I've noticed playing games is actually important for leisure and happiness.  :)  Take breaks!

3.  Reminders -  I have about 9 lists on this app.  This is literally the only way i can plan things out.  I can't use a planner or a calendar.  Lists work for me.  The one I use comes on the iPhone but there are SO simple ones in the app store!  I mention why I NEED to make lists in my 5 Ways To Relax post.

4.  Podcast - Youtubers have been rushing to make podcasts is kind of annoying but.  eh.  I'm a total content consumer.  I love podcasts.  I listen to Ear Biscuits, Shane and Friends, and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.  I used to listen to a bunch of vegan podcasts.  (I'm not vegen they were just rly interesting ok)

5.  Instagram - I've been so on point with instagram lately.  Luckily I have a best friend who takes it as seriously as I do.  Coming up with ideas is like the most fun thing ever.  My instagram :)

6.  Twitter - Suprisingly productive.  I've been a lot more social with other bloggers around the world so if you haven't joined the twitter chats, I highly recommend!  Find your own niche by googling the blogger twitter chat schedule.  My twitter :)

 BTW:  I'm making a USA Fashion Blogger collective/blog in the near future.  I'm collecting emails of people who are interested so if you are, let me know your email in the comments!

What apps do you use to help you procrastinate/be productive?
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Monday, November 10, 2014

What Happened With Lena Dunham? Why Was It Wrong?

< I want to mention that I am a feminist + that an important thing to keep in mind is that we are all in this together.  Collaborate, don't fight. :) > 

       It's been about a week since the Twitter controversy of Lena Dunham.  It's died a bit on twitter.  But it left pretty confusing.  A lot of people (including Dunham) are wondering why what happened was wrong?  It was her memory.  She and her sister didn't see anything wrong.  SO WHAT WENT WRONG???  Holly Cassell, from one of my fave blogs The Persephone complex, has the best words and sense on it.  She so nicely wrote this passage for us!   I totally appreciate it and can't wait to see what you think.
       I've never been a fan of Lena Dunham. I've never enjoyed Girls, and I hadn't read her book until, recently, certain passages were highlighted for containing abuse towards Dunham's younger sister Grace. To be honest, I'm pretty gob-smacked it took a journalist to notice them. Reading those exerts was disturbing for me. What she describes is quite clearly sustained physical and emotional abuse, over many years. Most people who are defending her seem totally unaware of what she actually wrote, so I urge every one of you to research this before you make up your mind.

       Dunham reacted to the outcry by labelling it as a right-wing news story, despite the fact that most of the people who are calling her out are left-wing feminists like me, and despite the fact it's all stemming from her own book. She threatened to sue the website that highlighted these passages for libel, even though she calls herself a "sexual predator" in them. Essentially, she's angry that people didn't understand, that they didn't just think it was cute and quirky and showed how curious and intelligent she was at a young age. Dunham also mocked her critics by saying "if you grew up without seeing a vagina then good for you". Instead of admitting that maybe, just maybe, what she did was not okay, she attacked people for not getting it, as if it was all our dirty imagination. I hope I'm correct in saying that most people reading did not bribe their younger siblings to kiss them, or touch their genitals, or masturbate in the same bed as them. She was trying and failing to normalise what she did.

       The fact that Grace was "laughing about it", does not make it okay. The whole point of statutory rape, is that consent does not matter. A one-year-old baby is not able to give consent. Her sister can't remember Lena prying into her genitals when she was only one, which might make it easier for her to laugh about, but it doesn't make it acceptable. Grace may not feel damaged by these events, and perhaps she isn't. But if a victim doesn't remember, or feel effected by a crime, does that make it all okay? I don't think it does. 

       The people who are defending her for her actions would not be doing so if she were black, or working class, or a man. The fact that she is a famous actress/writer, and a white feminist goes a long way to excusing her for these actions in most people's eyes. People ask "is Beyonce really a feminist, though??" when she wears revealing clothes on stage, and sings about sexing her husband. There would be no question that this was abuse if the celebrity in question was a man. We do not have the vocabulary to talk about female-on-female abuse, much less child-on-child abuse. But they are very, very real. Many people found Dunham's writing triggering, and I do no think it is right to say those people are imagining things.

       I really, really hope this doesn't just get forgotten about in the fast-paced world of Twitter scandals. I cannot subscribe to a feminism that supports Lena Dunham's abuse as "sexual curiosity", or as just the actions of a "weird kid". I think we need to open our eyes and see that we are all capable of abuse, and "I'm a feminist" is not a phrase that gets you off scot-free.
 What are your views on the Lena Dunham controversy?  Are/were you a fan?
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