Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taylor Swift Invented Red Lipstick And That's Fact

"Red lip, classic thing that you like..."  Okay Taylor.  Let my lipstick color be.

       So Taylor Swift is red lipstick and red lipstick is Taylor Swift.  I'm not a Tay-hater.  Tator.  (Joke in reference to the potato delicacy that is a tator tot see here)  I'm indifferent.  I was a Taylor Swift fan back in the Fearless album era.  That album was the best and may be the first whole album that I listened to ever.  But modern-Tay doesn't really connect to me but I do appreciate her saying that she was wrong about feminism.  And that she is a feminist.  I think that her brand right now can definitely teach young girls about identity and that how someone - the media - views you does not matter.

And there's also the lesson that a girl can take over the world.  I appreciate her.

       But gosh darn it her name is interchangeable for red lipstick nowadays and I'd be lying if I said it did not bother me.  For me red lipstick is not classic, it is rebellion.  I remember some girls hated other girls who wore red lipstick in high school.  I wore it, people hated it sometimes, see my previous post for more on that.

       I'm just a jealous person and I know that.  I think every person who considers red lipstick to be their "iconic thing" wants their name to be interchangeable with the lip color.  It's something meant to make someone iconic but so many people wear it.  How does that work?  I don't know. 

       Maybe the lesson is that it can make you FEEL iconic and that's what is most important.  It's a confidence thing.  I see confidence in pin up girls because they are so comfortable in their art but some people don't understand it.  I see confidence in Taylor Swift because she deals with so much speculation from the media.  But if you connect with a trend so powerful for years, you join a force of powerful women to help you through rough times.  Even if that trend is a lip color that you can pick up from Walgreens for $0.99.

How do you feel about Taylor Swift?
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Achieving Confidence When People Hate You

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My secret to being confident when people may hate you.

       Confession: I was always not really liked in some way.  It has always been a thing.  I have friends but I get weird looks sometimes, old people stare at me or maybe the stories of kids not liking me growing up.  It happens.  It's alright.  I think that it's a part of life. You find yourself. 

       When I dealt with this growing up, my mother told me,"Don't worry if people talk about you.  Chances are you talk about them too."  Which is true.  We all talk about other people. What else would we talk about. More important issues?  Nah lol.  I learned how to instantly gain confidence. 

Find your walking music.  

       Yes.  Walking around to loud music just boosts your confidence.  Like you strut, not walk.  My walking genre of choice is deep blues duos.  Because if you're a long time DIFTI reader, you know I'm in love with The Black Keys.  Walking to their music always gives me a boost. And I don't notice if people look at me weird.

       I've included some songs below that I've been loving.  I basically listen to The Black Key radio on Pandora all the time.  It's awesome.  But blues might not be your thing!  Just find your confidence music and take over the world.  You'll not care about other people in no time.  I promise.

Do you have any confidence music already?
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Favorite Links + Any questions for DIFTI? I need!

       Happy Sunday!  No weekend shopping guide because I'm feeling a bit under the weather!  But I'm going to be doing a Question and Answer post in a week or so.  So if you have any questions, please comment below!  Or tweet me at  You'll be linked if you ask a question as well :)  Go go go!

I've also read some awesome posts lately.

Refinery 29 gave some awesome tips to change up your beauty style.  I'll definitely be mixing it up with these tips!

Yingcbeauty talked about yet another Soap & Glory product I haven't heard about.  I am so uneducated with S&G.  I'd really like to try out the Ulitmelt!

Serene gave a tutorial on the most stylish envelope clutch ever.  I love the color she used too!

I've been loving Hattie Hards's Motivational Monday quotes.  Much needed!

Any questions?  I don't care, ask anything you feel! :)

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Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Happy Things About Park Lunches

Do something happy this week because why not it has food and happiness.

        I think that sunlight is a cure-all.  I'm super pale and probably should wear sunscreen.  I'll get on that.  But seriously I was so bogged down by my lack of outdoor time!  I'm happy to be back in a place where time outdoors is common, especially with easygoing parks nearby.  So today I had some lunch in the park therapy and trust me it was MUCH needed.  I suggest having lunch in a park maybe twice a week.  That's your prescription for a happy life.  From an official like me.

       My Park Lunch Outfit was the one I hung up from my Why Pastel Colors Defy Misogyny and my lunch was a strawberry chicken salad.  I thought it was an iffy combination but it was the best option at the time.  SO good.  So good.  Much recommend.  Also it didn't attract any ants.  YEY.  Here's 5 reasons why a park lunch is the best therapy for everyday issues.

1.  Sun and happy chemicals are buddies. - Sun increases your serotonin levels - a hormone that makes you happy.  Something I totally need.  A GOOD hormone.  Thank goodness the sun can control these mood swings goodness gracious.

2.  PL pictures are always good.  - Shout out to the peeps who take pictures of everything.  Then shout out to the peeps who take pictures that never focus.  Yup that one is me.  I've always had successful park lunch pictures.  It's an area set up to be beautiful, why not take advantage of that?  Omg you're such a photographer now.  ;)

3.  They're not a special occasion.  But they're still special. - The beauty of a PL is that you can wear sweatpants or a skirt outfit to it.  You can eat a bag of carrots or a feast.  Or maybe a bunch of Taco Bell.  *dreams*  No matter what you do, it's still awesome.

4.  When's the last time you did nothing?  -  Like absolutely nothing.  I'm not talking about being lazy or leisure time.  I mean like not thinking about anything and no social media.  I only do nothing when I'm in a park.  Like nothing is bothering you.  It's the best.

5.  It's easy and cheap.  -  I think the best thing in life is taking advantage of free things in life.  And parks are free.  They're there for you to use.  So when you use them.  You're completing that cycle.  I don't know.  Just feels right.

Seriously I'm asking.  When was the last time you did nothing?
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why Pastel Colors Defy Misogyny

I've been having deep thoughts about the color pink.

       I think that pink can be a superpower color.  Along with other colors like it - lavender, pastel blue, pastel green, on and on.  This goes for any gender, by the way.  And like most of my casual posts regarding feminism, please do take into account that the more we fight the less progress is made.  We're all in this together.  Feminism is expressed in all sorts of ways and acceptance is key.

       It takes strength to wear pastels.  Pinks and lavenders are often thought of as demure and weak.  If you wear pink, people will label you instantly.  First impressions matter but does a color mean that you are weak?  I think that if I wear pink then I am braving this outlook.  I'm embracing a color that is VILE because it has been programmed to translate to femininity.  Which is where misogyny comes into place.

       I grew up listening to the echos of young girls who said "Oh, I hate pink.  It's so girly." in the same tone as "I like to hang around guys because girls are so annoying and full of drama."  Which, my friends, is internalized misogyny.  I'm in the process of learning a lot about myself and our programmed practices that hurt everyone.  

Here are some examples of common phrases that depict girl-hate/misogyny...
  • I'm not like all the other girls!
  • When I have kids, I want to have boys.  Girls are just too much to deal with.
  • Am I the only one here who is not a slut?
  • (other phrases that creates useless competition between women)
There is a beautiful post on Bleeding Feminism about "girl-hate".  It is casual so if you have deemed all feminists to be rash and hurtful, know that this article is safe to read.  Very interesting and eye-opening.

       While I talk about these programmed views of hating things that are considered "female", know that I have said or thought some of these phrases.  No one is at fault but our programming.  The first step to changing it is releasing pressure and to accept that your likes are your own.  Like blue because it is like the sky not because you hate girls.  Like pink because it matches your nails or makes you happy.  For reasons that are your own thoughts.

         Example:  Newscasters on American television say their opinions on phone cases.  And I always hear them talking about LOATHING those animal phone cases.  They say, "I hate seeing those huge teddy bear phone cases.  Especially if they're an adult?  Like grow up."  An issue that matters to them apparently.  I liked my Rilakkuma case and if I could find one to fit my current phone, I'd love it.

       Moral of the story.  Acceptance is key.  Femininity is not a crime.  Choosing your choices makes absolute sense because THAT'S WHAT THE WORD MEANS?  Making choices that involve "feminine" ideas is alright.  Making choices that don't involve "feminine" ideas purely because they're "feminine"?  I think that's part of the problem.  What do you think?

< don't think that I'm saying girls can't like "boy" colors.  I'm saying colors are colors.  Feminism is YOUR freedom to choose.  I support the choices you make in your own life because you are strong and capable. :) >

Do you understand what I'm saying?  Do I make sense?  Lol that's my question of the day.
Also would you enjoy a question and answer post/video?  Thanks everyone!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Tears Before The Diet

 I'm starting to eat better on Tuesday.  Let's reminisce.

       Monday.  Tomorrow I'm going to eat better.  Not really a diet.  Just some changes.  More veggies, less carbs.  I've been eating unhealthy food and fake healthy food all winter.  The food I have in this post looks kind of healthy.  But it isn't.  Trust me.  I'm currently eating a spinach and mushroom pan pizza and a cookie pizza from Pizza Hut.  I'm mourning my unhealthy diet.  So I thought I'd look back on some meals I had.  I will be looking back at this post from now on.  Missing this food.

         My first time having Chipotle.  I got sofritas.  The sofritas was AMAZING.  It's like a chilli of tofu and potatoes.  It really tasted like meat.  So good.  I think I made mine wrong and I'll like it more if I order it a little differently.  But I love.  Can't wait to have it again.  But it will be a cheat day.  More lettuce and veggies though!  *optimistic sigh*

        Bye Panera.  I love bread and it is one of my favorite foods.  I'll miss your fattening salads.  And the best mac and cheese in the world.  It really is the best in the world.  Mac and cheese with a side of bread?  Sigh.  I'll miss it.  *dramatic sad sigh*

        I recently got into subs.  But sandwiches like this are soooo bad for you.  There's so much sodium and preservatives and fat in deli meats.  And I get mayonnaise on my sandwiches.  Super fattening.  This is going to be so difficult.  Tears are falling.

       Fried rice.  It's fried carbs.  Like.  Not good.  I love my fried rice, especially shrimp and vegetable fried rice!  And with an extra egg?  Omg.  But I can't.  No nutrition whatsoever.  I'm crying.

Be sure to check out my spoiled princess self on yesterday's post!

What's your guilty pleasure food?
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Shopping Guide: Princess Needs


        I've been feeling the need for spoiling.  I just need everything at Sephora.  My horoscope today said that if I've been feeling sad, it's because I haven't been rewarded for my efforts for the past eight months with spoilings and surprises.  I'm a Virgo btw.  So naturally I got a craving to love everything at  I need some concealer and my favorite: highlighters.  I'd love to try out the Too Faced Candlelight one and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting is a dream.  A bit pricey for me though.  Also, I'd LOVE a hot pink lipstick.  Checking out the drugstore options for that too though :)

       I am currently ordering a pizza.  I am so hungry.  I will also be having an avocado.  Because I'm hungry.  

What's your astrological sign?
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