Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Give. Media. Consequences. | #Fembruary

If you touch a stovetop, you're going to get burnt.  Get that, big media?

       If you haven't heard already, Giuliana Rancic from the popular show, Fashion Police, made a comment that shook the world.  As it should.  The comedian (is she a comedian?  I think she's trying) said that Zendaya's hair at the Oscars looks like she smells of patchouli and weed.  The rest of the devils laughed.  Ha ha.  Please watch the Vine below if you've like to see the ignorant comment for yourself.

       Did she really see no consequence to this comment?  You're trying to be angsty and funny.  I get it.  But you're not.  So you had to jump to a racist joke to get a laugh.  Oh and Rancic has been quoted for calling Kylie Jenner's locs... get this... edgy.  Mhm.  But that's my summary.  You can find Zendaya's amazing amazing response on instagram below.  She took it with such strength and the support came in like a hurricane. 
       I want to focus on a newsflash for big media and "journalists" like her.  THERE.  ARE. CONSEQUENCES.  FOR. YOUR. CHOICES.  You have to learn to be funny if you want to be funny - not use a racist assumption to make your place in front of an audience.  You want to say what you want to say?  GO RIGHT AHEAD.  I'M NOT STOPPING YOU.  BUT THERE WILL BE A REACTION.  THAT'S HOW THE WORLD WORKS.  If you even say that your comment was not meant to have anything to do with race, so help me...

       If someone said to me, "Hey you look like you do karate and drive horribly and are a mail-order bride."  I would say, "That is a racial assumption."  And they were like, "Oh, I said that because you look fit and your car has dents and because you have a postage sticker on your face.  Not because you're asian!"  I WOULD BE SO FRUSTRATED.  There are consequences to these things.  And if you dare say that it's because modern day people can't take a joke, you're wrong.  It's because people are done with racism, sexism, comedy made out of rape and whatever you use to make people laugh in your overused one-liners.  People are done with that.

       So if you want to offend people and can't take the reaction?  Don't do it.  If you want to steal but don't want to be arrested?  Don't do it.  If you want to eat sticks of butter but don't want to get fat?  Don't do it.  If you want to do the cinnamon challenge but don't want to choke?  Don't do it.

If you want to go into the media and spread racism/sexism/hate/shame?  Don't do it.  

       We're done with that shit.  And I couldn't be happier that social media is giving the media a hard time over things like this.  It's amazing.  We have an effect.  How many non-racist interns for that show are waiting for Giuliana Rancic's job?  There are people who can have a better effect on the world.

What are your thoughts on this happening?
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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Social Media Effect On Feminism | #Fembruary

 It's a bright and shiny day in 2015.

       Why is it a good day?  Because people give a shit about what you say on social media.  People may hate social media.  "Who cares what you had for breakfast?  PeOplE wiLl sHaRe evERYthiiing!!!"  I understand.  But nothing compares to the amazingness of social media and activism.  Social media has turned activism into something so easy, it's done on the daily basis.  The viral capability of social media has helped other people turned into activists as well. 

      Feminist quotes are now as well known as a celebrity or a fashion trend.  That's the social media effect.  And it is amazing.  I'm not telling you anything new.  It's something that we're so used to by now.  But looking back.  It's amazing what we create with social media.  We don't just further our sense of identity with a profile.

We spread ideas of feminism in a relatable way that WORKS in today's world.  Relatable may be the popular choice of comedy.  But the feminist movement has naturally spread through it.

Social media has allowed for people's content to go viral.

        The mix of relatability and virality is amazing for the feminist community.  It has made the movement available to not only adults but children as well.  I'm in love with social media.  It's often given an image that is venom.  But if that feminism is spreading like poison.  I'd consider that a success.

Remember this is the last week of Fembruary!  Make your #Fembruary post by Saturday to be included in Sunday's Roundup!

What is your favorite social media platform to talk about feminism?
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stand Up Sunday Roundup #3

I'm very sick but very inspired.

       Happy Sunday everyone!  I am so sick.   Wednesday morning I woke up with a horrible case of the flu.  Like I can usually function when I'm ill, but I was a total baby.  On top of that, I had SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO.  Meetings.  Exams.  Homework.  WHy.  Normally I don't have those things.  I'm still a bit sick. 

       But I was very happy when I read all the #Fembruary posts that were created!  There was also some awesome instagram posts but I'm waiting to get permission to share those.  :)
        Eden wrote about the "everything nice" photoshoot by Hannah Altman.  (Eden is a longtime reader of mine and I love her writing style.)  The idea behind it is replacing the "ugly" bodily fluid of women and replacing it with glitter.  Because women are always expected to be pretty and there for looks no matter what they do.  So you should definitely check out her post to see all the different takes on this idea.  My favorite is the take on period stains on underwear.
       Mouth O'Mighty wrote a post on how debates on feminism are needed but it is crazy how those debates turn into insult fights so easily.  I am sometimes horrible with words and this is an issue that is hard for me to express.  She definitely explained everything ABSOLUTELY.  PERFECTLY.  (Also I went to you're About Me page and oh my gosh you're Laurie Elle's mom!  She did my first ever #FEmbruary roundup and is an amazing content creator.  So happy you joined in on #Fembruary as well!)
       Alicia from Clever Spice shared with us her Favorite Feminists I loved reading this because she included some people I would have forgotten.  I normally just say Beyonce.  Because she is a huge part of my life right now.  I think that's true for a lot of people really.  But she included a person my boyfriend loves, William Haynes!  Nice to know that celebrities are strong with their beliefs now rather than keeping quiet to please the whole.

Have a good Sundayyyyyyyy!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How To Take A Patriarchy Vacation! | #Fembruary

Because you're worth it!

I don't know about you guys but dealing with the patriarchy everyday can be extreeEEEeeemely tiring!  

      Whether you're fighting it or just trying to get by, sometimes you just need to get away from it all.  It's a luxurious idea but sometimes you need to keep your sanity, ha ha!  Ha.  Erm.   So today I've compiled different ways to get sometime to yourself.  Different positive things that you can sit back, relax and say, "What patriarchy?" to.  Well, maybe not.  But they'll help you feel good about yourself.

1.  Order yourself a smoothie based on the happiness it will bring your life.

I got a pink smoothie.  I'm not afraid to be seen with a pink smoothie.  It is a smoothie and its color does not define your girly/manliness.  To be honest a chocolate banana smoothie would make me happier but the color of this smoothie made me happy.  See my post on Why Pastel Colors Defy Misogyny for more riveting thoughts.

2.  Explore some new areas.

Climb some rocks.  Go for a walk.  Take a different way to work.  New land means new feelings towards that land.  Here, you can forget about guys yelling at you from the road.  Here, you can forget about creepy guys who stare at you while driving home.  Climbing will help you feel as you should feel: powerful.  4get the h8rs

3.  Go on Tumblr.

Fact: people LOATHE Tumblr.  Outside people hate Tumblr.  When people outside of the Tumblr world talk about Tumblr, they mention social justice warriors and radical feminists.  Sigh.  No comment.  On Tumblr you can easily spread feminist things to be proud about.  Where else is representation of race and gender a priority.  I think small efforts make life awesome in the end.  So my reblogging of the news that Vanessa Williams is a big contender for being the Daily Show host.  It helps.

 4.  Take selfies and not care if they're instagram worthy.

Your face's purpose is not to look good for other people.  Would you want to look back on yourself and only see your face in the same pose?  When I'm 80, I want to see my face being hilarious and funny.  "Yeah, I remember being that shit."  And it will be awesome.  Who cares.  Your pictures, your property.  Pull a duck face.  Guys apparently get real made at that.

I'll be featuring comments from the last post on Sunday and Friday's post!  Bear with me!
For the next post...

Do you shop online often?
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Big Media Begs, "Hate Kim Kardashian!" | #Fembruary

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 *waves hands*  Kim Kardashian is just doing her job.  Has she actually done anything wrong?

      Why do you hate Kim Kardashian?  Reality television is a touchy subject but that's the point.  I had a lecture around the subject and I learned that the success of RT is based on two reactions it creates...

1.  Loving it.
2.  Omg reality tv isn't real why do you even watch that venom

       Which explains why its skyrocketing success.  A conversation is always made about reality television and that is your explanation for why Kim K is so rich/famous.  If you ever hear someone complain that she's famous or that she doesn't do anything and shouldn't be famous, explain the science behind reality television.  It makes sense.  That person's complaint is money in her pocket.  Happens.  That's the business, bub.

       But how do people have so much anger towards one woman?  This is why I ask.  What about Chris Brown?  Yes.  What about Chris Brown.  He abused Rihanna and has had many cases of lashing out + anger issues.  But when Chris was released and came back to the music world, it was all about second chances. It was talent over morals.  I remember a man on TMZ declared him the most talented artist at the moment.  Sure, people do make jokes about Chris Brown being an abuser.  But that's pretty much the punishment he gets.

Watch people's language when they talk about each person's success. 

About Kim: "I can't believe she's so rich.  All she did was make a sex tape.  She shows her ass and gets paid for it.  What a waste.  The entertainment industry is ruined.  People will pay to see trash today."

About Chris:  "What Chris did to Rihanna was a lapse in character.  He deserves another chance in his career.  Besides he is talented."

       Kim K did nothing disrespectful or hurtful or illegal.  Why is she the number one on everyone's hate list?  Why do we not give people like Chris Brown the same treatment?  But no one deserves the kind of hate Kim K gets.  Imagine death threats to your family being a daily thing.  I think choosing whose career you want to take down needs more thought.

       I'm tired of women like her being hurt treated as jokes.  Kim Kardashian.  Paris Hilton.  More celebrity leaks - Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence.  Having their sex be plastered around by the media, who define them by a still of their nakedness.  It's ridiculous.  Are we teaching young people to bully a girl who took a picture of her body?  Let's not forget the negative reaction to men posting a nude.  Oh that's right there is none haha lol.

       Big media wants you to hate her.  It helps their ratings and gets people to come back to the show.  They depict her as a joke.  I admire her.  I think she has been a rock in the face of so much negativity.  She's a modern day starlet and will be a memorable part of pop culture history.  I will not waste my negative energy on a hustling business woman.  But hey.  I'm a part of the media.  So let's make media, but let's even out the field.  Pop culture will stay.  I messed around with a gif maker taDAH.

To be in the next post...

What is your favorite way to relax?
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stand Up Sunday Roundup #2

I think I have the chicken pox.

       Happy Post-Valentine's Day!  If you didn't know, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  So this Sunday, I'm spreading the love with another Stand Up Sunday Roundup post!  I'm so thankful that more people created their own #Fembruary posts this week :)  I'm sorry about not posting on Friday!  I haven't been feeling too great and I've been doing a ton of work for jobs.  Actually busy, it's something new to me!
       Zoe from Zoe's Secret style wrote about her thoughts on feminism It was awesome to see lots of comments on her post too!  Starting a conversation about feminism is really important.  Anyway, I love the graphic she included on the post and she made a lot of good points.  I loved one that said, "Who said that war wasn't dangerous to men?"  
        Lillie Mysel wrote her #Fembruary post and it was awesome to hear her mention Laci Green!  She's an awesome source of information.  Laci is an awesome role model because she does. not. stop. learning.  Lillie's point was that females need to unite to grow.  I agree of course.  If anything, the competitive feelings one may experience should help all of us rise.  Rather than putting someone else down.

       This is a graphic from Rose's Journey's #Fembruary post I loved it.  She touched on the shaving issue with feminism.  This is something I'd like to touch on in a future post as well! :)

How was your Valentine's Day?  It's my favorite, so tell me about yours :)
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Help Us Say Get Away From Me! | #Fembruary

I got a comment asking for advice, let's help her out!  Here's why.

       I don't remember when it happened - I think it was middle school - I stopped helping other girls out.  I think that that was just a cause of being brought up by the times.  Girls are competition and you are compared to other girls.  I never was a part of a "sisterhood" experience and I think even in those situations there is some competition.

       So today, let's forget all about those things the world has inbred into out minds.  Let's do something that will help woman thrive - helping other woman so that females can rise.  I got inspired to do this when I got a comment from Caitlin who replied to a previous question of mine about relationships.  She has a problem that I think a lot of us can relate to...
       That's the worst.  Have you ever explicitly said no to someone and they make you feel bad for saying no?  But for him to spam you with that is ridiculous.  Lol cold hearted and insensitive.  Well Caitlin I definitely don't think you're being insensitive at all.  I asked you all last week how you tell people no so that they get your point and take it seriously.        I definitely agree with Rashae.  You have to know your comfort level and definitely take action if someone breaches that.  I'd say to say no the first couple tries but since you said that he's continuing to inundate you with messages, you have to try something else.  

       Not too long ago, I was being constantly texted by this guy who wanted me to join his pyramid scheme that he recently became a part of.  He was a friend of mine until he joined this thing, but after that he would only use me and hound me with strategies of getting me to join.  I said no many different ways.  One day, he texted me telling that his boss cleared her schedule so that she would meet me in person.  That was a big no for me.  He was sending this shady person to meet with me! 

       Here's what I did and what I think you should try.  I texted him back saying, "I've told you no multiple times and you continue to text me.  You're crossing the line of harassment.  Stop texting me or else I'll tell campus authorities and the police."   He apologized and stopped.  It seems drastic but trust me it's not.  You're meant to stand your ground and that is an effective way of doing so.  He'll probably still talk to your friends but tell them your perspective.  They've probably dealt with the exact same treatment, whether it be through texting, in person or even on social media.

       That's my take on it.  Today's comment section is all about Caitlin!

What do you think Caitlin should do?
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