Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not So Basic Forever 21 Haul

       I've been trying to buy pieces that are normal and can be worn hundreds of times.  But of course I found something that I'll rarely wear. But when I do wear it.  It will be glorious. 

       I need a new wardrobe. For once I didn't find anything in H&M, but I did find some deals at Forever 21!  I picked up two pairs of leggings for fall.  The burgundy is a new color for me that I'm excited to style.  Definitely needed it for some tunics I picked up in the summer. 

       I went in the store because I totally lack shirts.  So I just got a simple striped top... And a Clippers top.  I tried it on and it turns out it's a cheer style top?  I love it?  I can totally see it styled up all 80's. R under a sheer knit. LOVE. 

What's one of your recent buys??
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

4 Tips For More Blog Traffic From Pinterest

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WOW.  The crowd has spoken.  You need help with Pinterest!

     Now trust me.  I am NO BLOGGING EXPERT.  I never thought I would be making a blog advice post!  But on the #lbloggers today people were saying that they couldn't get a handle on Pinterest.  When my Pinterest account is my biggest source at the moment!  So here we gooooo.

1. You can comment on Pinterest too!

      Just like on Blogger or Wordpress, you can comment market on Pinterest.  This will refer traffic to your page and may get you a follower or two!   Try commenting on relevant Popular Page pins.  Maybe your an outfit blog.  Comment on your favorite outfits on the popular page, saying what you'd do differently to fit your personal style!  Same with food, photography, etc etc.

2. Pin regularly...

       Yes!  Just like on your blog!  But you can pin more often.  I've heard that pinning 20 times a day is the max because no one likes a spammer!  This will increase your chances of being seen on different categories.  Honestly.  Enjoy Pinterest and get ideas.  It doesn't need to be a business move.  You'll never know what your most popular pin is!  Which leads to my next topic..

3. When re-pinning, add your insight!

       I came upon this tip by mistake.  I was looking for prom inspiration and was reminding myself to do this nail design but in burgundy.  Turns out, that is my most popular pin! It was nothing in the beginning but now it's at 1334 repins and 195 likes!  Crazy!

4.  Lastly and most importantly... Join a group board!

       Group boards merge followers so you get to promote your blog posts to a different and BIGGER audience!  It's a huge help.  Plus it will help you be searched more = more traffic.  See? 
       I've just started a group board and it has over 300 followers right now!  So join and post recent blog posts :)  

       HOW TO JOIN MINE:  Comment with the email/twitter/etc that you use to sign into Pinterest.  Then I'll add you and send you the guidelines!  You'll get an email where you have to accept the invitation.  I've just started today, here's a link to my group board! (You can also email me your email if you don't want to comment it: sodoneokperf@gmail.com)
{ If you join, you can receive tips & tricks + I'll be your personal pinterest teacher! }

Do you already have a Pinterest?  I use mine for fun!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pug Shirt + Mom Jeans (Outfit!)

       Morning/afternoon all!  It is so hot outside all I want to do is sit in front of a fan and eat tacos.  I'll be doing the latter later.  I apologize if formatting is off, I'm on mobile!

       My shirt is from H&M and it's a pug but since my shirt is fluffy tucked you can't see the phase. It says "AINT NO PUG".  Yeah.  The jeans are basic mom jeans from Urban Outfitters that I cuffed to look like boyfriend jeans at the bottom.

       I am so tired right now. Classes are irrelevant which is scary to say. But they are!  I've met some cool people and I'm pushing myself to do more art.  You'll see a printmaking update soon!  

       I miss my boyfriend a lot.  We're long distance right now. It's not that it's hard.  It's not too hard. Like the actions.  But I miss him a lot and what is hard is to see other cute couples around campus and cute twitter boyfriends + girlfriends.  Eh. 

How's school/work for you?  I know my uni people are moving in soon, so how's that going??
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Herbal Essances Moroccan My Shine Review

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Oh the Argan Oil trend.  Companies use it in a name to sell more product.  But does this one deliver?

       I picked up Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine without much thought.  I thought, "I like argan oil.  I heard the bloggers talk about it."  So I got this.  It was like $2.97 at Wal-Mart.

       I've always hated hair product commercials because the models' hair is always so shiny and they do the hairflip thing and it's so silky.  Now this conditioner did that thing.  But on a realistic level.

       My hair is now super shiny and moisturized and HEALTHY.  How do I know?  Whenever my hair get damaged or dry, it gets lighter and I hate it and it makes me want to dye it.  But now my hair is back to my usual favorite dark, almost black, brown.  Now I'm not saying this will darken you hair!  It will just repair it back to normal and protect your beautiful hair color :)

       It was definitely worth the money because it was an effective argan oil product.  When there's an ingredient fad (like avocado, coconut, or different oils) companies just use a cheap alternative to use the key phrase, in this case: "ARGAN OIL", in the name.  But Herbal Essences definitely delivered!

You can get it at your local drugstore, WalMart, or Boots! :)

What conditioner do you currently use?
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Red Fall Transition College Outfit + University Advice + Sushi

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I am so busy during daylight.

       I wore this red on red outfit to school.  I loved it a lot more than I expected considering I just threw whatever on morning of!  It screams TARTAN SEASON is coming.  Also a lot of the girls at my school wear high waisted shorts but they're often light/dark washed denim color.  So strong colors stand out much more! The top is from Kohl's and the shorts are from Urban Outfitters.  My purse is Lucky Brand from Macy's!  It is the perfect school bag and fits everything without looking bulky.  This outfit looks like I'm getting set for fall but I don't want to die in the heat.

       The second snapshot is from the patio of one of my school hall's.  It may be the most photogenic building in the country.  Shout out for the sun & sky for always being awesome for pictures!  I love.  

       In one of the food courts you can get sushi and for college sushi...... it's pretty amazing.  I got a spicy tuna roll with the crunchy toppings.  Yum.  So good!  I'm having pizza for dinner.  Nothing better than a day of pizza and sushi. 

       College is going along.  I've met a few people who I love to be with.  But you know the crowd is what it is.  It makes you feel like a crowd.  And when I walk amongst the other young people, I feel like I'm from a different time period and I took a time machine into this age.  Not in a pretentious way.  I just feel different.  Not in a bad way.  Just interesting.  

        You don't have to plunge into the idea of university is what I'm saying.  You don't have to do anything!  Do what you do, one action at a time and love ya know.  Comfort to those who are stressed from beginning uni.  :)

What are your thoughts on university?  Support or nah?
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekend Shopping Guide: Orange for Fall + Amazing Slip-Ons

orange & stripes
Happy Wednesday!  Time for your Weekend Shopping Guide.

New season, new stuff. Especially ideas!
I've never tried out an orange based lipstick. I think it'd be a great fall lip color!  Might battle the classic red for which is the most iconic for the time being.  It'd be great to alternate that with plum colors.  I'm going to assemble some favorites very soon!

I also want to get slip on sneakers.  I love the two I pictured here.  I tried out tartan with my new red shirt and loved the look!  So tartan slip-ons are definitely on the list.  I also found these amazing "Oui / Non" slip ons.  I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for some slip ons that I can DIY.

I am so full right now.  Had a huge pasta lunch.  I need to push myself to workout tonight!  Ugh someone remind me.

What's your signature fall lipstick color?
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Cute Pastel Tech Haul

A haul not by how much I bought, but how much I spent.  Jeez.

       I saw a common theme with my recent tech purchases - pastels!  A bit kawaii.  Kawaii things are my guilty pleasure.  I finally got an iPhone.  My first ever!  Isn't that cute.  Explains why I'm super active on twitter now, haha.  I got it in the pretty blue and it looks great with this lavender case from Claire's.  It comes with a bunch of stick-ons that you can customize and make cute! :)

       For school (but mostly blogging), I got a new Macbook because my 2006 Mac Pro crashes every 30 seconds.  Not that productive, so I had to change it!  Which was a wallet strainer but it's totally worth it.  :)  Am I the only one who's team Apple?  My boyfriend was so worried when he heard how much I spent on the Mac.  He's a PC guy.  I can fix them well, but I think Apple products are just a lot more productive & creative friendly!

        I can totally see me becoming one of those people who can't stop buying weird phone cases.

What kind of phone case are you currently using?  I need inspo!
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